Monday, January 25, 2010


So I hear this song and I get instantaneously hooked on to it. The song : La ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier. I have no clue who this fellow is, but all I could hear was this song. So I go online and search for this song and download it. Not just download it, but I literally downloaded 5 different versions of it :p-talk bout maniacs eh:p. Now I start listenin to these songs and omg, am I lost or what. Or maybe m not lost perse and actually its surprising because most of the songs do make me feel lost and maybe even "get lost" haha lol :p. But this song, it has more of music than vocals, but d music, the tune, the melody is so peacefully disturbing. It just gets in my head everytime I listen to it. It's interfering with the normal process and functioning of my brain lol :P. But truly it feels like this tune is gettin inside my head and is driving me looney :D. Maybe it makes you feel euphoric *hmm*...This tune is so soothing and relieving that you feel so less troubled. I am possessed by this song...just sing along...!!! :p I started listening to this song last night and since then I have been listenin to it in a loop. I might have finished listening to it a 100 times :p that is how looney this song  has driven me:P. I, surprisingly, can sense and interpret so many different emotions and moods in this song/tune. I said surprisingly coz no one else can sense all that in this song :P. So well this song gives you pleasure, makes u feel sad, even makes you feel high or maybe euphoric lol:P, it reflects sum disturbing mood as well. But I am just  happy to listen to it :D coz I am a crazy alien who has whimsical mood swings and who cant settle at nethin but "change" ;)...!!!


  1. You're forgetting something... aren't ya?? :P....
    trust me folks this song is way too addictive.. I like it too.. wats better is the video contains adult content :P =))
    Good piece of essay writing... you can do much better!! :P