Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Off lately, instead of writing blogs, I find myself deeply interested in and intrigued by blogs written by other people. More than spending time on writing something for myself, I instantaneously hit the "next blog" option and start reading and going through blogs of other people all around the world.
       The other night, I came across a wedding photographer's blog. Well most of the pictures weren't all that impressive but there was a particular couple's wedding photographs that came out really good. As candid as the couples could get, they really looked kewt together. I can so freaking smell the heavenly aroma of pav bhaji being cooked somewhere in the building while writing this blog :P. 

Another blog, and mind it this blog was very interesting...coz the blogger apparently was very interesting...ahem ahem no he wasn't hawt or nething of that sort :P...but he was apparently "dhilla" lolll :p well so he was blogging about his third trip to Goa :p...wacky as he was, he loved doing wacky  things and gettin even wackier pictures clicked:p. He had a pic of a camel with 2 small children seated on it and this fellow was standing with d camel's reins in his hands and he titled the pic as, " 2 kids free with 1 camel" loll wta wacko :P.

Most of the blogs I came across were written by girls...I wondered (yes apparently I wonder way too much loll:P), do we girls need so much more talking that as if there wern't enough people who listen to our non-stop blabber, that we haven't left these poor blogging sites alone as well lolll :p...
    Some people use blogging for keeping loved ones updated about their families...about their kids especially. Blogs are flooded with baby pictures lol:P...babies playing with toys, babies being knocked down by other babies, babies bathing, etc etc :p

Someone somewhere is posting about having to close her shop in LA whereas some other person is writing bout how she is being flocked by a guy she's not interested in, and someone else is writing a cat's blog (which was stoopidly funny), someone is writing bout leaving a job while others are writing bout how the condition is in their country. An incoherent female writes bout "I have an opinion about everything...sue me" this is what i like :-j *cheers*...
So I stumbled upon a blog where this fella is writing about snow :|. Snowflake the size of a dollar :|...can I just punch him puh-leez :P? coz he even has uploaded pics about him and his family having fun in snow :(...Gawddd...I want snow toooooo :(...
    I even come across some blogs I cannot make  head or tail of :p and with very distracting templates :p...and oh look--->some one finally got his visa lolll :p...
I recently read this post about an aged sister writing a eulogy for her brother who died yesterday. It was amazing the way she described her brother...with such a warm and loving and friendly brother gone...she is shaken.
Whooaaa...!!! this blog has a picture of Jesus with cartoonistic sunglasses and mickey mouse ears :O and bones and skeleton bones on his body :O...people surely do have a wacky sense of religious humour :O...

I find people from all fields-animation, professors, authors, day care teachers, married people, single mothers, mothers at home, DJs, nature photographers, wedding photographers, advertising, magazine people,fashion designer, choreographer sharing cooking recipes, poets...omg u name em and you got em here on blogspot :p...

Everyone seems to be an ardent blogger from teenagers to aged people. From floral and serene templates to metal music templates, from girly pink layouts to disturbed and messy layouts, from crazy english to different languages of the world, from someone sharing the happy news of a new born baby to someone sharing the sad news of losing someone close, from someone titling "my side of the story" to someone sayin "tangled up in blues"...I find such distinctive and extreme set of blogs which provide such a great change from the usual boring stuff that I can't imagine how blogging can't keep anyone interested :P.

Omg can you beat tht :O i came across that wacky person who described his Goa visit, again :O damn he looks way too funny n awful :P...

People blog about how their days go by, some blog about the recent festivals they've celebrated, some blog about political issues, some blog about their innermost pain, some blog about how happy they are, some blog about their passions such as photography and cooking, some blog because they want to be left alone, some blog because no one else understands em, some blog about their families, some blog about their kids, some blog about marriages...
       Wonder why do I blog? I...I just blog because I love writing and talking ;)...I let innumerous thoughts and stories and views meddle with my's time I get all of em out and just let my mind wander(like it doesn't wander already lolll:P)...I just want to spread all the thoughts that I can...I want to spread all the happiness through whatever medium I can ;)...I am just doing what makes me happy ;)...coz I am an alien who doesn't really belong here lolll :P ;)...!!!


  1. Lol.. I know you have a soft spot for that chinky who went for the GOA trip.. and did I just see you write "WE GIRLS"?? :O.. wtf?
    "I have an opinion about everything...sue me".-->Woaah quite an attitude that lady has huh..
    Borrow some!! :P..
    Nice blog.. looks like you're inherting a lot of my talents.. "Sangat kaa asar hain jee!!" :P..


  2. hahaha soft stop :O omg hahaha i think u fuhgot how he luks loll :p mite make a gud pair 4 ya :p
    n yes we gals :|:|:| i m a gal :|:|:| :P
    haha i need 2 borrow more attitude :O? i thut i hv way too much attitude :p
    n ur talents :O huh u asso :p

  3. Blogging is fun fill ride :)

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