Friday, March 12, 2010

A dissection well done lol...:p

Yesterday I was getting bored (well I'm bored most of the times, so nothing new) :p...So I took the remaining part of a whole watermelon and I for the first time tried my hand at "dissecting" it :D...I took the left-over one-third part of the watermelon, took 2 plates ( one for the rubbish and the other for the pieces :P) and 2 knives ( one sharp one to cut the hard watermelon into slices and the other pointed-blade knife to get all the seeds out of the slices lolll--->it actually came a lot handy :P)...So i gathered my paraphernalia and set em up the way I wanted to :p...
       I took the huge piece in my hand and began wondering as to how I should dissect it :p...Being my first attempt @ a watermelon :p, I have to admit that I was quite excited :p...To my relief the seeds were there, but they weren't THAT much :p...a few white pips here and there :p...I started slicing the watermelon (along with my usual blah-blahs and comments :P) and then started removing those brownish-black seeds and those white pips...Then I started cutting the first slice into pieces and in the process I hogged on a few pieces myself :p...I think it was after some odd 15 minutes that I was finally done with a victorious grin on my face like I was just elected as the president of Ferrero Rocher lolllll :P...I shared those pieces with everyone at home *smug face* since that was the reason I was told to dissect it loll :P...And there I was :D...with the last few pieces in my mouth :D  chewing away 2 glory lolll :p...

P.S. : Dissecting a watermelon, unseeding it thoroughly ( well okie so there were 2 seeds left b-) ) and cutting them into pieces is not an easy thing to do b-)...Okie so it is easy b-) but not THAT easy b-) and it requires a lot of patience if you want to do it close-2-purrfect b-)...And me being me b-) I dont display my patience at things that I dont want to waste my patience on lolll :p...and for this I kept a lot of patience till my mission wasn't over b-) so I am blowing my own trumpets lolll :p :D :P...and everyone was happy too that I did it lolll :P...b-)...*pats her back* :p


  1. hahaha loll... firstly you only cut a LEFTOVER 1/3rd of a Watermelon and I thought it was a whole melon :P.. lol.. good job..
    I guess you should blow ya trumpet after all...and how many pieces were left for ya family?? I'm sure it was 2 cos , there were 2 pieces in which seeds were there...=))


  2. haha still :O i did it :O can ya beat tht lol :P. oh i think der wer more dan 2 pieces :P.