Thursday, March 4, 2010


Why does this happen with me ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSS :(...Why do my heels and shoes n flats always run out on me whyyyyyyy :((...Already my 1 heel and 1 flats are waiting impatiently in my shoe rack to get repaired by a cobbler :((...and now there's been an addition today :(...Another of my heel :(...I was in Oberoi mall and those morons have induced metal bars slightly elevated on an oderwise smooth flooring...and as stoopid things always happen with me :| heel got kicked against one of the metal bars and the end bit of the heel came off :((...I dint realise it and walked ahead...After a while I noticed I was feeling uncomfortable while walking and then when I checked my heel, d end black bit ws missing :((...I went to search for it but it was obviously not there at the scene of "accident" :(...Now it'l b so difficult to get the same plastic thingy :(...n fuhget that :| come what may, I'l HAVE TO GO N GET ALL MY SHOES N HEELS REPAIRED URGHHHHHHH...!!! And why does it happen with me :( why do I always have tragedies with MOST of my pairs :( I am so fed-up right now that I literally feel like throwing away all my pairs and roam bare-feet :| lollll :p damnnn wt is it wid breakin shoes and breaking bags and me :(...!!!


  1. Think otherwise...If your shoes need repair , that means you are giving work to poor cobbler.You are helping him to make money.
    Isn't that great work .So just go ahead with this thing.

  2. happens to everyone!!
    good blog you've got here..

  3. Thank yaa aliens that you didn't break yaa nosey asso :P.. Lucky you that I wasn't there at the mall.. else another thing would have broken, along with the end of yaa heel.. :P..roflmao!!

  4. @ mantra-haha ya rite lol :P

    @ arvind-too much 2 think :O...!!!

    @ thoughtful-lol :p

    @ ggbb-ya rite b-) same 2 u >:p :P.