Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ice on fire : end of desires lolll :P

(Loll yes I know my title's really dramatic loll :P but hey its me :P how can you not expect drama eh lolll :P?) Anyways the "post-traumatic" agony commences below :P
Just what I needed :D. I mean c'mon :(...what are the odds of me coming across a blog review on Paris, a blog with photos of Germany after the godforsaken volcanic eruption *straight-face* and some fella from Switzerland (all one after the other almost within a span of 10 mins on indiblogger?), considering that these are the very places I "had" to cancel because of the lovely Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption :|. I mean c'mon, I was @ the airport on 17th april :| waiting eagerly to know what's the verdict-am I going to fly or this is it? For 8 freaking idiotic months I chewed my brains and wasted my time behind planning this trip from scratch. From dealing with disgusting and imbecile resort agents to getting hold of swiss passes to preparing the freaking itinerary to follow-up with contriving idiots to get everything booked to searching for suitable places of stay according to family-darn it ( I can easily become a travel operator now loll :P no kiddin :P I was newayz good with geography and I even have the credentials for a travel agency loll :P-and now with the amount of research I have done on so many places-oh I can beat anyone lol ;) :P)...!!! Now I have to follow up with those same idiots to get all my stuff refunded (which is not going on smoothly :|). 
    How I wished that after all this torturing mess, I will finally see my executed plan materialise. But no, how could it...!!! How can I not be put through the weirdest of situations and sadest of moments :|. It was so simple : fly on 17th April to Geneva via Munich, stay 7 days in Switzerland, travel to Paris, stay there for 5 days and finally travel to the last leg of the journey : Frankfurt and visit Cologne and fly back to Mumbai on 1st May. But no, how could my trip materialise so easily :|. Resorts and hotels in all three sectors were booked, swiss passes were taken, train tickets were bought, hell even some of the peak tickets were bought :| and just 2 days before we were scheduled to fly, the Eiffel tower tickets were bought as well. Urghhh...!!!
     Since a week before the final departure I was having this intuition that something's gonna be wrong. I was even being given signs by "him" : I got a toe infection, I cut my cheek on the inside twice while eating pretty badly, I got a humungous mosquito bite on my arm that covered almost the entire arm till elbow, I had traces of fever, I had been banging my limbs against something or the other and hence several trifle injuries :|-but I decided to ignore the signs coz off lately they wern't meaning anything to me contrary to how they used to work wonders for me earlier and I even decided to shoo off my intuitive feeling :(. 2 days of idiotic packing and preparations all in vain. I woke up on the day of departure and voillaaa...look what we have : an Icelandic volcanic eruption...!!! Oh my gawddd, I wonder where was it all these years. Oh I'm sure someone might have leaked the news of our travel and hence Mr. Eyjafjallajokull paid us a lil visit :). Oh how sweet of him :P. Huh bah humbug lolll:P...!!! The whole day went in following up the airline's website to check the status of our flight : is it flyin or is it not : @least it'l save us the trip to the airport :P. So well till the time we left, the website showed that our flight's scheduled to fly on time. Part of my family was to fly in from US and their flight was also scheduled to fly on time. I reached the airport and all the way to it my invisible-heart said that it's gonna be cancelled. And well, how could I be wrong eh :P? The flight was cancelled, from India as well as from US. 
     Hence the entire trip had to be cancelled coz the flights were cancelled till an unforeseeable future. So well, like the 8 months wern't enough to get things booked and brains chewed, now we had to get everything cancelled. Wow, now am I not just loving it eh :S? I dint know how to react when we decided to cancel everything. Should I blame someone for jinxing it as always ? Should I be angry ?-but who should I blame ? Its mother nature. What do I tell her ? Should I be sad that it dint work out ? Should I regret that everything got cancelled ? Should I jump in angst that I didn't work out any career option just coz of this trip and the lack of time ? What should I do ? And hence, I couldn't figure out for the first time as to how should I react ? I retracted my emotions and withdrew myself from everyone to figure out what needs to be done with my thoughts. Didn't feel like sharing it with anyone. I dint have time to deal with it coz apparently a new headache had arrived : to get everything cancelled and try for refund. 
    So its been more than a week now, I still am dealing with the assholes. But now m better lolll :P. I even gave my painting for framing yayyyy :D:P:P...As long as no-one asks me how I am and anything about the trip, I'm fantabulously rocking lolll ;)...!!! It's funny how different things and situations make you grow up and react differently. Had I been not what I am today, I would have vented out my frustration and anger on the whole world lol :P. But with time I have kinda learned to control my anger and act some-what patiently. Mahnn haha it's funny lolll :P. So my loll's are back :P my sense of humour's back :P Me is back lolll :P But the trip shud'v worked out :( :P. Paris is one the cities I hold close to my invisible-heart :P. And the whole plan was demolished. Aaah trynna look @ the brighter side though :P. It had to happen and it happened. Has to be something good out of it. Partly, I know why this trip was cancelled. So I'm happy that it got cancelled this way rather than experiencing any grave injuries :P. Anyways so finally I let it out :D:P. Hahaaa I wonder who would have the patience to read my epic posts lolll :P. Once I start, I cant eva stop :P. Okie its enough now, STOP...!!! :P *zips her hands like her mouth :P*

Monday, April 26, 2010

IPL : Idiotic People's League

10 days of  non-stop nonsense starting from Sunanda Pushkar leading to Shashi Tharoor, followed by Lalit Modi, Sharad Pawar, his daughter, Praful Patel, Poorna Patel, WSG, some other member (don't rememba his name), carried on to NCP and eventually leading on to an IT raid on all the team owners. I ask : was this such a "big" deal that almost every single news channel covered it for almost the entire day for 10 days and counting and neglected other news ? 
       I mean c'mon, was the government really thinking that IPL was corruption-free *confused* ? C'mon, corruption starts with the government, infects the entire nation and every field...and doesn't really "end" perse.It's a shallow world. Was everyone expecting IPL to remain a virgin to corruption :S? So it started with Sunanda Pushkar. She had sweat equity in the new Cochin team. Oh look---she's Tharoor's No.3 :O *thinks the news channels*. Omg we have to dig her past up :O. Get all her pics. Oh look Tharoor's there too in the pictures with her *news channels wondering what is she doing there with him, how do they know each other, oh we are affirmatively getting a classic "pati,patni aur woh" story here* *news channels working their asses off 24x7 to dig up and cook up some juicy-masala*. Two days of disgusting and demeaning attacks on Sunanda Pushkar, Tharoor's name flashing everywhere, IPL being invited to trouble. "WOW, now we'll get awe-some publicity and viewers and moolah", thinks the news channels.
     Like this wasn't enough to get started, Mr. Lalit Modi stung by the twitter bug starts blabbering...As a result, look what happened :O the government woke up :O. Omg that's a first :O. The government decides to throw an IT raid on all the team owners and Lalit Modi :O. Omg the world's changing :O. Omg I better become a good citizen now :O. The government is waking up :O :P...(loll well I am damn frustrated by the idiotic government who never does anything right, the idiotic IPL that was one of the most ridiculous idea for a game that I've ever come across in my life and the idiotic media who feeds off rumours and gossips like parasites on its hosts :P)
     Oh look who mr. Modi roped in--->it's mr. Praful Patel. Oh my my...I wonder what's Patel's role in cricket eh ? Looks like aviation business is boring mr. Patel-is he planning for a change of career path ?(huh assholes) And hence the ongoing process of 1 crab pulling other crabs legs to get to the top starts. When one asshole got roped in, he thought, "well, why should I be the only one to enjoy all the media and government attention eh? It would be so unfair to my partners-in-crime. So let me bring em in as well while I'm @ it ;)". And then started the IT raid and the WSG groups and allegations coming up one after the other against Modi and the broadcast rights being revealed and the revelation of Modi's humungous assets and the 400 crore misappropriation. Aww mahnnn...okie so it was required to inform the nation about the hulla-baloo. But what was new ? Who didn't expect it ? Everywhere crores of rupees are changing hands by way of corruption. Who cares ? It definitely doesnot affect the common man. Coz 1stly it's the cricket he's interested in and 2ndly, everyone knows that corruption exists-its the hi-end people who are benefiting from it, not the common man-the common man is only losing money-which he and she will continue to lose unless the corruption bit is tackled and unless the sufferer starts voicing out :P. What was such an eye-opener in IPL that the news channels covered it for practically 10 days continuously ? And it wasn't even that the news was being updated by the passing hour. It was the same old news reiterated by the channels.
     My question still stands : was it necessary to broadcast this non-sensical shit continuously for 10 days when there might have been more important news elsewhere ? And I'm sure it still continues. All people care about is : how to fool the nation, the viewers, the followers and mint money. It's a shallow and a ridiculous world with corrupt monkeys dancing around.

P.S. : this is one of those very few posts where I have barely used my "loll"s :(...but it wasn't funny u know :( so how could I laugh lol :P?