Monday, May 17, 2010

A bride's confession

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I find myself seated in front of the mirror,
being decorated with jewellery and lots of shimmer,
everyone looks happy, everyone's excited,
no one pauses to check, if i feel like a rose blighted.

This red dress contrasted with golden lines,
as I advance further dressing, my confidence resigns,
they're making me wear bangles and rings,
but can they make me wear happiness that springs ?

I feel cold, I feel sad,
I am confused, I am scared,
I have wondered incessantly a zillion times,
is this the right man with whom I should be entwined ?

With those questioning eyes, I look in the mirror,
I still get no answer, I just sit there feeling queer,
Something happened, I come back to reality,
my eyes filled with tears, I see mom standing quietly.

As she places a bindi on my forehead,
she looks calm and composed, ready to see me wed,
I am adorned with jewellery, make-up and blessings too,
ready to face the moment everyone's acquiescing to.

As I get up, I realise the moment's getting nearer,
I look at myself for one last time in the mirror,
the tension, the nervousness, the stroke of fear,
is all visible on my face, but I try to veer.

I walk out of my room and take my first step towards the "mandap",
everyone's centre of attraction, I get a little caught-up,
made with scentful flowers, I hold the garland in my hand,
scanning everyone's expressions, my fear did expand.

I walk towards him with hesitating steps,
I wonder if he loves me more than his morning crepes,
I look at him, my eyes question him,
Will you be there for me more than my limbs ?

Can I trust you, am I making the right decision ?
Will there be more love between us than our intermittent collisions ?
We haven't fallen in love quite yet,
but promise me our bond will strengthen with our tete-a-tetes.

Am I secure with you ? I want to know,
coz after this matrimony, you will be my only beau,
I have apprehensions like every other bride,
but all I want is to walk with you alongside.

I don't want this relationship to fail like others',
I want it to bloom, to grow and not get smothered,
do you think the same way as me ?
Will our connection be as deep as the sea ?

It looked as if I took forever to ask him all this,
but in reality, it was all summed up in a moment and not dismissed,
He looked at me with contemplating eyes,
he smiled at me exuding positive vibes.

With that perfect expression, he blinked his eyes,
conveying to me the message, "we our together, till we die",
he raised his palm and placed it on his heart,
he then signified in sign language, "we will never be apart".

All my worries, all my questions, all my apprehensions,
were shoo'ed away by him in a moment's fraction,
his pleasing answer assured me that he is indeed the one,
I couldn't be more happier to know that I scored a homerun.

My worries diminished rapidly from my face,
instead, an illuminating smile replaced that trace,
my trust was won, my life was in safe hands,
no matter what the obstacle, I know we will withstand.

I advance further, towards my smiling groom,
to enter the holy unison and forever with him bloom,
I am more than happy and equally excited,
my lost hope and trust have been royally reinvited.

We exchanged our garlands, our smiles and hope,
we sat down to get married and looked forward to it's scope,
we giggled, we laughed, we joked all the time,
and inadvertently we became each other's pride.

It's been 15 years since then, we are still one united soul,
still that chirpy young couple on whom marriage didn't take a toll,
we have two loving kids, both a sweet pain in the bum,
one resembles their father, the other resembles their mum :P.


  1. Hahahaha... such a bum!!
    I love the last paragraph.. :D..gud one..
    But still, WHY SO SERIOUS?? :O:O

  2. awww so sweet...wonderful poem...
    You have expressed the apprehensions of every bride to be so well.

  3. @ bb-lolll :p wt y so serious :| jus a thut materialised in2 a poem :| :p

    @ lazy-loll thnxxx :p

  4. Mahadev:)

    personally i think you need a smoke .

  5. @ mr. anony-mouse-personally i think u need a brain loll :)) :p.

  6. Streaks of emotions emanated from the page while I was at it. Always loved Indian marriages and all the extravaganza!