Monday, May 31, 2010


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Hidden are her dreams, hidden is her soul,
losing her last inch of sanity, she's locked up in a gaol,
seated in her cell,dressed in white clothes with blue stripes,
she stares at the blank wall ahead, shedding tears, but no one to wipe.

Frozen with pain and no one by her side,
not even the person who made her his bride,
never did she think, life would take such a turn,
never did she realise, that she will have to burn.

She looked at the window, with a long lost hope,
gazing at the faint moonlight, asking for strength to cope,
she knew there was no living tomorrow for her,
she chose this path for herself, madness was her neighbour.

Away from her kids, her family, her once blossoming life,
she sat there alone, replaying the day she held "that" knife,
shocked to see a corpse lying there in her house,
she couldn't speak a word, not even to her spouse.

She sat beside that body, unable to think clearly,
unable to swallow the thought, that who killed him was not just some lady,
she could see the hysterical killer rejoicing in her own eyes,
laughing at the achievement of killing such a devil in disguise.

She let out a shriek, to mark her glorious victory,
she got what she wanted, for her all was now history,
she still lay next to the dead, even as the sirens drew nearer,
she knew what awaited her next, she looked at the killer in the mirror.

She came back to reality, she realised what she did,
regret could no longer help her, she had morally skid,
the past could not be changed, the dead could not be resurrected,
with a faint evil look, she proved to be mentally affected.

She got up limply and started swinging her knife,
dancing to her talent, she led out a wicked smile,
elusive in nature, she went back to the lad,
she started stabbing him again, and again and again.

She stabbed him till she could stab him no more,
his chest out in the open, she surely made him look gross,
and then she sniggered, and then she yelled,
and then she fainted, lifelessly like a shell.

And when she got up, she was no more at home,
evidences were enough, to prove that she played the killer's role,
chained in shackles, surrounded by strangers,
she fluttered in her bed, like an animal endangered.

7 years since then, she learned to live in isolation,
sometimes vexing, sometimes fighting her own frustration,
7 years' journey, summed up in 7 minutes,
all she remembers now is some random silhouettes.

In some hours now, nothing else is going to matter,
a retard will be hanged, and everything will shatter,
who was the victim, why did she kill him ?
How did she lose her sanity, what was so grim ?

Why hasn't she told, anyone ever about the murder,
what could be the reason, that makes this case even more weirder,
what made her put her whole life at stake,
where she went insane, where she lost her fate.

She's the only one with all the answers in her heart,
but she will never utter a word, even if you rip her apart,
with her sanity back, she has rendered herself grief-stricken,
none shall know her motives now, her reasons will go with her to her death, hidden.

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  1. One hellova Poet.. and that's what you're becoming :D.. loved the poem except for a few here and theres..Amazing intensity levels int he poem and I could almost visualize the woman.. keep writing booha!! :D

  2. haha u cud visualise it eh :p thank gawd u dint visualise u rescuin her n flyin away wid her lolll :p

  3. The pain is not hidden... you have expressed it beautifully!!
    wonderful writing... Kp Up!!

  4. nice take.. remained hidden! hmm..!

    Leo - Hidden

  5. Great poetry,esp liked your choice of meter.

  6. nice few lines there. I liked the thought provoking questions and the flow.
    Good stuff.

  7. brilliant poetry! it was just so... enchanting, haunting! good work!

  8. Hidden "Hidden"....
    wonderful lines ...
    it keeps the reader curios till the end

  9. thnxxx 4 appreciatin it so much :D:D:D

  10. Awesome! Just Awesome! :)

    ATB for BAT11
    Gkam- Hidden

  11. poetry at its best... really wow!!