Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The love that is, the lover that isn't

As I stand here, amidst the gloomy pier,
one hand in my pocket, holding on to your locket,
the winds waking me up to reality,
I thought our relation was more than a formality.

Why didn't you tell me ?,
was my authority over you reduced to just a plea ?

10 years of marriage, 10 years of trust,
did you feel like our understanding had caught rust ?
We were still strongly in love, weren't we ?
You were dying day by day, how could I not see ?

That was such a meloncholy morning,
how I wish I could take it as a warning,
We fought, we cried, we were never like this,
I left for work in anger, and you were left without your last bliss.

It was afternoon, suddenly the climate changed to chilly boon,
I was thinking of calling you, for whatever I said, it wasn't true,
And then I got a call that changed my life,
the paramedic on the other end said, "Sir,you lost your wife",

I dropped the receiver, I froze for a moment,
I didn't realise that it was my own descent,
I rushed to the scene of the accident,
they said, "your wife and unborn child lost lives in the event".

My unborn child, why didn't she tell me ?
I lost her forever, I just want to flee,
She meant the world to me, what am I without her now ?
I miss her ways and the way she did "meow".

I lost 3 lives that day, they weren't the only ones to die,
a part of me died with them, and bid the world good-bye,
I never got the chance to tell her I'm sorry,
that I love her, that our bond was our life's safari.

I stand on this pier today, just back from your funeral,
so much was left unsaid, so much felt unreal,
"Oh god, why did this happen ?" I yelled,
I don't know how to deal with it, I feel like I'm expelled.

How do I imagine my world without you ?
How do I go in that empty house without you ?
How do I eat alone without you ?
How do I go out among strangers without you ?
How do I face troubles alone without you ?
How do I...feel love without you ?

I don't have answers, but the questions are filling up,
I need a head's start, I need a start-up,
the water looks deep, the water feels familiar,
is this an answer to be with you, should I veer ?

I feel like you're calling to me,
stretching your hands from the water to set me free,
to be together, even after life,
to be forever with my loving wife.

I stoop down, ready to be taken in your embrace,
ready to leave this world, ready to leave this place,
I dive, with arms wide open, I let your love possess me,
I feel sadness leaving my body like it's on a carefree spree.

The realities of the world are diminishing in front of me,
I'm looking forward to be united with you, my chi,
It's hazy, but I feel a hand grab me, is it you ?
Somebody's trying to revive me, but it's not you.

I come back to my senses, I see the world again,
I see a girl, I see my life's saviour along with the patrolmen,
I realised my mistake, I am not so weak,
you have left me in flesh, but you are always in my heart that beats.



  1. very moving...beautifully written...

  2. Nice.... But, why so serious?? :-s
    Another Emily Dickinson in the making??:-/

  3. Hi there!

    a well penned poem there!Glad I dropped in..

    However, just a request..the beauty of any written piece can get marred by spelling errors and typos..(Like flea in this case..should be flee)

    Im sure it is just an overlooked error, but thought as a person who liked ur poem,i thought should offer my two cents....

    Pls keep writing!

    i wld also like to invite you to visit my page at:

  4. @bbgg-ermm :-s line se line banti gayi :-s
    @ magiceye-thnx :D
    @ pravin-oh yeah lol i dint realise tht :D thnx 4 pointin it out :p

  5. Where did this piece originate within you?

  6. This broke my heart.

  7. Hello.
    Reading this brought a lump to my throat.
    Totally sad & heart-wrenching.

    Beautifully penned.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Unchain My Heart

  8. A sadly, beautiful write. Well done!

  9. Ahh!! So full of remorse and sadness of not being able to tell ... that you were sorry... I could feel your pain...
    Liked your lines...

    "I feel like you're calling to me,
    stretching your hands from the water to set me free,
    to be together, even after life,"

    Thanks for sharing at Poetry Picnic WK 7… I look forward to reading more from you in our next week theme “Friends, relationships and everyone around”…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  10. So well written and hope you have a happy picnic thanks for sharing I did so much enjoy

  11. @ Meri-:-s i cant blv iv been THT late in replyin :-s. m so sorry :-s. but newayz, tht piece eh, i jus m always intrigued wid thuts n feelings surroundin separation,n jus like stories cum 2 me instead of me searchin 4 stories, i had dis poem's title in mind n waned 2 pen an apt poem 4 it :D though dis poem ws d 2nd poem i hv penned in my entire life lol :D

  12. @ kim-aww :D

    @ andy-as weird as it mite sound, but m glad it could provoke tht reactn :D

    @ marbles-thnx :D

  13. @ shashi-dis poem is a work of fiction :), no personal reality involved. but m glad tht u cud feel it :D thnx a lot 4 appreciatin my work :D n i absolutely lubbb ur themes on jingle poetry earlier n nw gooseberry garden :D.

    @ mornin-thnx :D

    @ Ann-m glad u njoyed :D its my pleasure 2 share :D thnx a lot for stoppin by :D.

  14. Sad heart felt words, beautiful :)

  15. powerful, your words are moving.

    thanks for the beautiful write.