Thursday, May 20, 2010

A moment's joy or a moment's pain ?

I watch her everyday from across the street,
she's as radiant as the morning glory as she is sweet,
with that chirpy smile, deep dimples and blue eyes,
she renders dumb even those people who are wise.

I sit outside a cafe for my morning coffee,
she sits outside a cafe across the street, whoopee :D,
I look at her and get mesmerised,
with her beauty, even the angels can't comply.

With a coffee in one hand and bagel in another,
I watch her as she reads the newspaper further,
she often spills the hot coffee on the newspaper,
sometimes I wonder if all this is just a caper.

She smiles, she winks, she frowns, she giggles,
all her expressions make my otherwise static heart jiggle,
her innocence matches with that of the kids,
one look at her, and off my feet I skid.

With her long auburn hair flying away,
it forces me to act in a manner so cliched,
it's a habit now to watch her everyday,
I wonder if she ever noticed me any day.

Unable to wait any longer, I made-up my mind,
to go talk to her and let the feelings unwind,
I was just gathering my courage, with the butterflies tickling,
my legs gave way, I wish I had some wings.

My excitement was obnoxiously visible,
she smilingly looked at me, I thought all this while I was invisible,
I sat on my seat, frozen with shocked happiness,
I tried to act normal, but my feelings I couldn't suppress.

She got up and was heading my way,
I was jumping with joy, thinking she just made my day,
with those slender legs, her walk was gentle,
I don't care if her presence in my life proves detrimental :D.

She started crossing the street keeping an eye contact with me,
Somebody pinch me :O, is this really happening to me ?
With that exuberant smile, which I know was for me,
my life had suddenly transformed into the one filled with glee.

Suddenly I heard an unpleasant traction,
in front of my eyes, everything was lost in a moment's fraction,
the girl that was so lively a moment ago,
lay there lifeless and drenched in blood and woe.

I ran to her, my heart ridiculously pounding,
I was rendered speechless with my mind confounding,
I took her in my arms, I couldn't believe what just happened,
the girl I was in love with, died in an instance's offense.

I felt happiness and sadness, both in one moment,
I could do nothing else but only lament,
it still feels like a haunting nightmare,
how could she die, I cannot bear.

She died without uttering a single word,
it pains in my heart as if pierced with a sword,
I wanted to tell her, what I felt about her since so long,
I couldn't even know what she sounded like when she spoke or sang song.

I couldn't decide whether I should be happy,
for the moment I realised she likes me and finds me snappy,
or mourn over the fact that I lost someone special,
even before I could make her mine, this is so unreal.

I can never know now, what she felt about me,
and she died without knowing my feelings for her exactly,
so much is left unanswered, I feel like an outcast,
it'll take some time, before I can learn to live with the past.


  1. You are a brilliant writer, and I loved reading THIS! :)

    Though, it saddens to me say that, in spite of having a great blog with some great content; you're missing on readers. Hope you will get many of them! Keep blogging!

  2. I am definitely blogrolling you!

  3. This was beautiful. So subtle and benign.

  4. @ magiceye-thnxxx :P

    @ D2-loll thnxxx a ton :p