Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moonlight vs Shadows

It's dark, it's black, it forms a backdrop,
it's white, it's round, it peeps out non-stop.

It's chilly, it's windy, it's an animated scene,
it's silly, it's friendly, it's full of sheen.

It's the lively night I'm talking about,
it's the moon, the night's incomplete without.

The orange, the blue, the green hue I can see,
all clinging on to the moon, like a baby chimp to its 'mumma' chimpanzee.

Grey fluffs of cloud drifting across the sky,
not only on land, but nature's wonder's vibrant up so high.

The moon tries to peep, from the clouds so deep,
but the clouds aren't in a hurry, they wont let the moon cheat.

The quarrel has begun, the intention has been laid out,
there can be only one winner, either the moon or the clouds.

The struggle is intense, the clouds have amassed,
"Tell me now, Mr. Moon, how will you surpass ?"

The moon smiled patiently, he replied with a style,
"It's me the world is crazy about, not you Mr. Hostile"

"Infants smile at me, kids weave stories about me,
teens wish they were astronauts, the adults complete that dream"

"Lovers kiss beneath my blessing, my sacred milky light,
Oldies are glad they made their past and present so bright"

"When people need someone to talk to, it's me they look up to,
they share their love, their lives, they even wish goodnight without further ado"

"The amorists, the couples, the lovers devoured by reasons,
look at me and pray for their duo's health in every season"

"Animals, insects, bees and birds, fishes, reptiles, trees and plants,
all retreat for a deep slumber, trapped by my enchanting chant"

"I bless the world with my light, in the lively-dreary night,
I add sparkle to their mood, when they lose their might"

"Now tell me, Mr. Clouds, what is your reply ?
Who won the night, and who will underlie ?"

The clouds stood dumbstruck, awestruck and speechless,
for they knew they had lost, they retracted in distress.

Alas, the cotton fluffs passed, returning the night to the moon alone,
Alas the moon regained it's kingdom and stood guarded on it's thrown.

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