Saturday, May 22, 2010

My first friendship...

We were best friends, since we were born,
we did so many things together, like two jewels adorned,
we went to the same school, we played together,
I never realised when our friendship was badly tethered.

You were the only best friend I then had,
we had fun everytime, nothing was bad,
but you always took me as a competition,
and I thought that is never a best friend's mission.

My definition for friendship was completely different,
especially when it was so close and visibly present,
but I was naive, to see through you,
I could never see that you were disgustingly shrewd.

When did this jealousy set in in your heart,
or was it that you despised me right from the start,
I treated you always, just like a best friend,
you had ulterior motives always to comprehend.

We were in 3rd std, when we went swimming from school,
you left me alone in shallow and went in the deep side of the pool,
As far as I remember, that was the first time,
when I felt ugly and started realising your grime.

You always wanted to get more marks than me in exams,
sometimes you succeeded, sometimes you just couldn't stand,
but I never hoped for a friendship like this,
that makes me go sour everytime I reminisce.

Gradually I was realising your hatred for me,
you were an enemy in disguise, a disloyal bee,
we were kids, only 11-12 years old,
at that age, I knew the meaning of only candies and gold.

Time passed by, your true colours revealed,
all this while you had them purr-fectly concealed,
if you disliked me so much, why did you keep the friendship,
I never forced you for anything, not even a blip.

We reached the 5th grade and we were in the same division,
now I had had enough of you, I wanted a collision,
we were both in-charge of arranging the sick-notes,
one day you complained falsely to the teacher and then you maliciously gloat.

I realised your intentions, I stopped interacting with you,
the so-called friendship was meaningless, it was time to bid adieu,
The crack in the friendship had already been formed,
I just went ahead and finished it before it got stormed.

And that was the end, of my life's first friendship,
didn't know then, that there follows a series of such blips,
Of all the friendships I've had till date,
this one was the only one that was fake like plastic flowers and left to abate.


  1. Nicee... I like this one.. Not many rhyming words.... Someone's becoming a very mature poet!! :D