Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our last kiss...

We stand here, in the melancholy cobbled street,
in each other's embrace, witnessing our hearts' beats,
the night is gloomy and so shall our lives be,
sealed with our last kiss, this is the final goodbye we need to see.

We cried together, we laughed, we shared,
all those feelings, all those moments, how we cared,
we were like two souls wrapped in one,
never knew that our lives in the end were to be shunned.

We could not fathom this rueful decision,
where our separation had become someone else's mission,
but in the end we had to succumb,
we turned ourselves in, to the emotions so numb.

"So this is it", he said with a painful smile,
"looks like it", I smiled feeling riled,
a mournful tear rolled down my cheek,
he kissed it softly, lending it a part of his mystique.

We cried, we smiled, a little caught up between both,
he hugged me tightly, finding difficult to let go,
he looked into my eyes, and he could see through,
right into my soul, as if imploring me to stay glued.

We looked away, still hugging tightly,
wishing that this nightmare wouldn't be so ghastly,
his warm embrace is the only place for my love,
and my gentle heart is his ego's only shelter and glove.

We stood there deserted, as time was passing by,
we wanted the night to freeze, to always stay this tied,
but this wasn't a fairy tale, we had to wake up soon,
to face the reality, to try and take our destiny as a boon.

We looked at each other, wrapped up in love as if possessed,
he raised his soft hands and started to caress,
for a moment we forgot all about the decision,
he handled me with care and with meticulous precision.

Our lips finally found their way to each other,
they glided into each other, as smooth as butter,
just like the old times, but this last kiss was special,
for there will be no more now, and so our lips congealed.

My hands in his soft hair, that familiar cologne,
our bodies were uniting, heart to heart, bone by bone,
life was flowing through our otherwise clogged veins,
we could feel the power of our love inspite of our refrains.

Our feelings took over, our kiss was ever-passionate,
inspite of the pain in our hearts, the love sparkled on our face,
we went on kissing each other, like there was no tomorrow,
atleast for us there wasn't, not together, only sorrow.

But we had to stop, to let go off each other,
to stay apart, with our love alive in our hearts to flutter,
with the strongest willpower, our lips mournfully parted,
like a magnet repelling, only this was darted.

One last kiss marked the end of our future,
all the efforts were in vain, that were carefully nurtured,
even though we can't, for now, be together,
but in this world, everything changes like seasons and weather.

Hope can drive a person crazy, but it won't drive us,
for it will be the hope to see each other again, that'll be more than a plus,
we might not live in each other's lives anymore,
but we are living in each other's hearts evermore.


  1. Woaaah!!!! Killer poem... awesome.. but what a streak of Romance...:D.. keep it goin' :D

  2. What a beautiful piece of writing.
    is it true?

  3. @ ggbb-lollll :p

    @ duds-thnxxx :p n no its not tru :D jus a piece of fiction :D

  4. You sure it ain't true?? Brings tears when you read it :) so much love yet no future :(

  5. @ prasad- thnx :D

    @ photoinspire-seriously :S? mahnnn thtz an amazin compliment ya :D n yeah it aint true :D

  6. First time here, and quite impressed with what i see.
    nice verses.

  7. beautiful post and pics...check out more here...!/closeupindia?ref=mf what u say leave your comment

  8. great...
    I just couldn't left it at the middle

  9. dats a great piece of feelings...really nice lines

  10. wonderful words touched deep inside

  11. @ sourav-m happy my words can do tht :D

  12. It is so beautifully woven from top to bottom!
    It doesn't let one escape..
    I haven't read a more beautiful piece so far..!!
    I used to write haiku, but they were all imaginative..
    I see here that you have experienced all this and penned it down beautifully!!
    hats off!!
    I would love to read more of you..
    Stay Connected!!

  13. @ GV-thnx 4 d amazing words of appreciation :D. n I hate to break it 2 u but nope, I haven't experienced all dis :D its very much a figment of my imagination :D.

  14. You would be a touch surprised, but I felt good to know that :D

  15. This is so touchingly written! I could see it happening as I read it.
    at the same time, I think the last stanza could have been avoided

  16. @ gv-ohk.

    @ shafeeq-i'm glad u cud imagine it :d.
    It probably could have been avoided, but I wanted to portray a silver lining. Even though everything is lost, der still remains "hope" :).

  17. Sometimes no matter what amount of love you have..It's never enough..You've to let go even though you know that you wanted it forever!
    This is one of the most amazing poems I've come across. If you say this is a fiction , more kudos to you.Would love to see some more poems from you.Following you right away..:-)

    Also I'm a fellow poet , read my work if you get time..:) at

    Keep writing!


  18. @ Amar-v always want wt v dont get n wen v get it, v dont want it. It's amazin how human psychology n emotions work n tht is wt intrigues me d most n hence i blog bout all d confusion regardin d same in my head :D.
    Yep it's entirely a work of fiction :D thnx a lot 4 appreciatin it n i hv bookmarked ur link n will visit it soon :D.

  19. vivid capture of love...
    love the image.


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  20. @ jingle-thnx a lot :D

    n i do drop in on d JP potluck every now n den weneva i can find time :D i like participatin der.

  21. Extremely well described emotion. You have a good hand at words. Loved the poem. Keep writing more. Cheers!

  22. m a lil late in respondin :(

    but thnx 4 d appreciation :D