Saturday, May 29, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words :D

Blogadda in partnership with Pring00 has come up with yet another new contest : Travel Photos.

This is my post for the same :

State : California
Location : 17 mile drive, San Francisco

The following picture is known as "The Lone Cypress". It is one of the 21 stand-points on the entire 17 mile stretch on Pebbles Beach. This point is known as the Lone Cypress point for the obvious reason visible in the picture : the only Cypress tree standing in the entire point area. Apart from the freakomaniacly awesome drive here and the various bits of nature that one gets to experience here, this point especially interested me. A tree standing alone, but standing tall on a rock against the watery background. Nature gives us lessons of life not only by destruction and beautification, but also by just standing there, by just staying there, like this tree. It's a simple picture and yet it portrays and depicts a certain personality, a certain character of humans. The tree is alone and yet not lonely ;)...!!!

State : Nevada
Location : Outside Bellagio casino, Las Vegas

On my trip to Vegas and the different themed casino, one the most magical things to capture is the water show taking place every evening outside the Bellagio casino. A trip to Vegas is incomplete without capturing this Water show. Themed with B-E-A-U-Tiful music, rhythm, lights and different water shower patterns, the whole show is unbelievable. Where else can you find "dancing waters" :D? A 15 minute show makes you fuhget where you are and takes you to another entirely different place called "the water kingdom" :p.

State : California 
Location : Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

You come to SFO and you don't visit the GG Bridge :O. Omg, that's just plain foolish :P. Highlighting innumerable movies and tv shows and what not with its splendid and marvellous presence, this huge red coloured bridge is one helluva creation. It was chilly and foggy when I went there and I would say that that is the IDEAL weather to visit this bridge to top up ur naturally occuring goosebumbs with sheer heavenly feeling.
It is one of the rare things in the world that words cannot describe and for which physical presence is A MUST to experience this marvellous beauty bridge.

Union Territory : Daman, India
Location : Jhampore beach, Nani Daman

My recent visit to Daman proved more than relaxing. Of all the pictures I clicked there, I absolutely love this one. Captured at Jhampore beach on a mesmerising evening, the capture has everything right from a tired sun peeking out from amidst the ferocious clouds and lending the entire evening its last streak of sunlight, to the reflection in the water to the copper metallic golden sand to the various human life present in the picture from a kid to a teen to a grown up.

State : California
Location : 17 mile drive, SFO

On one the stand-point on the 17-mile drive in SFO, there was a small beach with amazing wind, whitish sand and serene water. As I was walking towards the water, I noticed this random formation made by various pebbles and stones. I could not help but click a quick picture of the following :D. Again, it's a simple picture but the boldness of the stones gives it some mysteriously chunky look :D. I quite loveeee this piccy :D.

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Sunset Flames
A tatoo of a butterfly with dragons on  its wings


  1. The golden gate one is such a pretty picture!!!

  2. Amazing set of images. My favorite is fourth.
    All the best.

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  3. Seen 'em all through ya piccys previously.. The description is what I was looking for and that makes it complete... Amazing set of pictures.. the pebbles and the sun-set at Daman are the best of the lot.:D

  4. The pictures from Monterey are really good. The houses all over Pebble Beach are really picturesque too.
    The Golden Gate Bridge is, of course, an all time favourite!

    Never been to Daman, but seeing the picture, I guess i should sometime!

  5. @ nishant n rajesh-thanxxx :p

    @ bbgg-hehe yeah u bet :D

    @ D2-ohh u bet :D sfo rocks ne day :D n well daman is worth a visit but it's jus a lil over an average place :p

  6. cool pics! Love them all. All the best for the contest...

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  8. The 1st and 4th r my favs .. gud luck :)

  9. Gr8 pics here. Gud luck for the contest :)

  10. @ joshi n swaram - thnx a lot :D:P:D

  11. Classic captures ... absolutely brilliant pictures... a treat to eyes :)

  12. Great photos! I too have one of Vegas and one of the Golden Gate. Good luck.

  13. @ rajlakshmi n AD --->thaankooo :D

  14. All images are so stunning. I love them all, especially the Golden Gate Bridge. As you said you were at the perfect moment, the bridge is covered with fog partially. Wish you all the best

  15. hehe thankoo :P:D n yeah its jus magical 2 b @ d rite place @ d rite time in dis case :D