Friday, June 18, 2010

Died in your arms tonight...

"Do you think...I will die peacefully...or...I have no choice?",
she said in a lost and meek yet feverishly warm voice,
while cuddled into him, battling her final days,
her eyes were closed, but tears had found their way.

"Shhhh", he pressed his finger against her warm mouth,
she frowned and smiled and pouted without a doubt,
he raised her head, and tried to wake her up gently,
wanting to spend her last few days with him, he watched her intently.

All efforts in vain, she had lost her strength,
she lay there in his arms in a white bathrobe, counting her life's length,
she hugged him tightly as if he would leave her and go,
until a tear touched her pale cheek, she looked at him and glowed.

It was a perfect moment, but imperfection had set in,
she coughed like a baby, and oozed out blood till her chin,
he got scared, he thought that was the final moment,
fear of losing her blinded him, he froze, that poor gent.

He rushed for the towels, and wiped her face clean,
she couldn't help but notice, that he had turned so lean,
she felt bad, guilty and ugly, what her prolonged health made him do,
she hoped for the process to fasten, for her to bid him adieu.

He threw the towels away, and sat next to her,
she clinged onto him cozily until everything started to blur,
her warmth shriveled, all she wanted now was a deep slumber,
her agony was melancholically visible, she couldn't any more encumber.

He brought his lips closer, and kissed her for the last time,
she can now die happily, she thought, she gave him a warm smile,
she raised her shivering palm, and touched his face,
to remind herself once again, of his warm embrace.

She lay there in his arms, breathing with difficulty,
colour leaving the scene, being filled with lividity,
he played their favourite song, the one that was so special,
she started humming it bleakly, too good for it to be real.

She knew it was time, she was losing her soul,
she couldn't determine any longer, who was real and who was a ghoul,
she tried to speak for the last time, but she couldn't any more,
she battled however, and uttered "te quiero mi amor".

He smiled and cried and cried like a baby,
she was finally leaving him, everything turned hazy,
he hugged her tightly, he kissed her well,
she left the world, she might have by now reached heaven, not hell.

He lay there with her lifeless body in his arms,
nothing could weaken him more, nothing could harm,
to remember her is one thing, to forget her is another,
to move on without her is one thing, to live with her memories is another.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our incessant love...

Lying faithfully on the carefree beach,
in your comfortable arms, in your warm reach,
reminiscing the times, the so-called past,
I never imagined we would reach this far, so fast.

The scintillating sun is gazing down at us,
with amuzement and jealousy and questions and confusion,
it wonders and wonders how did we survive,
how is our bond so strong, was it to be revived ?

The smooth sand touches our body and soul,
it makes us slide into each other as smoothly as kohl,
the cool breeze cheerfully plays with our faces and hair,
sometimes tingling the ears, sometimes the nose with flair.

I giggle at the tickles, and cuddle into your arms,
as gleefully as a happy pup, that causes some alarms,
you enjoy my plight, and love to see my antics,
especially those that get me to you, to your hugs, kisses, so romantic.

You laugh like an innocent little baby, at everything I do,
sometimes I dont understand, if I do things only to see my laughing boo,
we are inseperable, I wonder if it's the glue :p,
or the love, or the friendship, or your name's tattoo :p.

You smile, I smile, you dance, I dance, I'm happy, you're happy,
You cry, I laugh :P, I laugh, you love, I'm snappy, you're totally crappy :p,
your wit matches my nonsense, a requirement for long lasting happiness,
what would we be without each other, it's difficult to comprehend.

We have created enough love for the two of  us,
without any arguments about it, without any fuss,
we'll continue living this way, I'll tease you and you love me,
as deep as the sea, but without fatal drowning :p.

The journey is long, we will get pretty old one day,
a lil ugly, totally void of teeth :p, a lil bald :(, but what the hey,
we will still love each other as our visions will be poor :p,
the physical appearance wont matter then, not even our empty stammers.

We might go deaf, we might limp and shiver,
half of our organs will stop functioning, even the poor liver :-s,
but our humour will support us right till the end,
even though we'll be a misfit in the fashionable trend :p.

But that is the future, it's too far away,
when we have each other, let's rejoice and bray :P,
for we can entertain each other, like we always do,
sometimes like animals and humans, sometimes like cupids and devils boos' :p.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A lil girl so lost...

This poem is inspired by a true story.

That twinkle in her eyes, that deep mesmerising smile,
those rosy thin cheeks, that left no one hostile,
that small little nose, those mis-shapen teeth,
that bob cut hairstyle, forming a neat sheath.

She seemed a little tired, while playing catch and cook,
but she didn't give up, she kept herself hooked,
smiling all the way, little did she know,
her life was rented, she would be gone before fell the snow.

Meek she was turning, life was being sucked out,
day by day, a pretty girl's hopes were being knocked down,
barely had she seen the world for 3 petty years,
but all god gifted her was some cruel tears.

Hardly three years old, in this dark beautiful world,
she had just started learning and waiting for things to unfurl,
at the stage of trying to shape words, into sentences to converse,
how could she understand, that it's cancer she's immersed(in).

She just knew, she cannot run, she cannot eat, she cannot play,
how would she know, what is dying and what is heaven's way ?
She was too young to understand the gross complications,
all she could see around her, was tears in the eyes of god's creations.

"Mama, why can't I run like others ?", she asked,
her mother felt weak to answer her with her pain masked,
she glided her hand through her daughter's hair, and said,
"coz you are not like others, you are special and ahead".

"Mama, why can't I look pretty like others ?", she enquired,
"coz you are god's baby, you look better in your special attires".
"Mama, I don't have strength, to do anything, why is that ?",
"coz god wants you to rest first, and then chase the cat".

"Mama, am I ill ?", she questioned gazing into the sky,
"no, my sweetheart, you are purr-fect," she hugged her tightly trying to deny,
silence filled the air, sobs were held back,
prayers to be heeded, courage needed to be stacked.

The girl was unaware, that she was going to die,
she was confused, why was everyone so shy,
even though she was a child, she could sense something different,
if she could term it, she would've said that everyone was acting nonchalant.

Days passed into months, and months' agony it was,
for the moment of truth was here, she was hospitalised alas,
the courage that was stacked, was now required the most,
for the child was leaving the world coz of the cancer diagnosed.

Those last few minutes, watching their little girl on the bed,
with hands in needles and syringes and oxygen mask on her face so red,
breathing her last moments in, she didnt know what was happening,
she kept waiting and waiting for the season to spring.

No one told her, she will have to go through pain,
all she knew was snow, candies, teddies and rain,
she was dying, she didn't even know what that meant,
she didn't even know what happens when you die, where people went.

Her last thought was that she's just ill, she will come back,
all healthy and pink, from the hospital post-attack,
how could anyone explain her, that it was the end,
no matter what anyone said now, she couldnot apprehend.

With lifeless body, coughing and blood oozing out from it,
she was bidding everyone goodbuhbye, her role was finished,
the reality was fading, darkness was peeping in front of her eyes,
her breath was leaving her, her soul leaving her smile.

She wanted to fight, but she didn't know what that meant,
she wanted her mother, her father and friends,
she wanted to hug her mother, she wanted her jelly beans,
she wanted her licorice, she wanted her mothers' mexican beans.

All was going farther away from her,
she wanted to grab it, but all she could see was a blur,
she gave up, she lost her life,
cancer eventually won in this gross strife.

I wonder sometimes, what exactly the girl had felt,
did she know what was going on, or was she just misled ?
At the age when you don't know a thing, and you don't understand,
I wonder what was going on in her mind, as she headed towards her life's end.

P.S. : the pics are for representational purpose only.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

If I, Will you ?

If I love you, will you love me back ?
Or will this feeling be a cause for an attack ?

If I care for you, will you care for me too ?
Or will you consider it to be something lewd ?

If I will be there for you always, will you be there for me as well ?
Or will you make a fool of me, and leave me to swell ?

If I want you, will you want me like I do ?
Or will you play dirty games and declare me a taboo ?

If I kiss you, will you kiss me back ?
Or will you consider me nothing but a plaque ?

If I hug you, will you hug me too ?
Or will you flush my feelings down the loo ?

If I look at you, will you be there to reciprocate ?
Or will you let your hatred for me just inflate ?

If I stay with you, will you stay with me too ?
Or will you walk away, just like you do ?

If I wait for you, will you wait for me always ?
Or will you move on, and send some one else the bouquets ?

If I cry for you, will you shed tears for me too ?
Or will you go elsewhere, and make a new boo ?

If I make new memories, will you be there in it ?
Or will you be the usual you, not giving a shit ?

But what if I kill you, what will you do then ?
Will you go mourn in hell, or lie silently for once in your coffin's den :P? lol :p.

On cloud no.9-PART III

Want to see more ?

PART III and the last part(for now) in the trilogy is here :P (well obviously till I gather more pics :P).

1-This pic is one of my personal favies :D and the place is Daman, India. Of all the pictures I clicked there, I absolutely love this one. Captured at Jhampore beach on a mesmerising evening, the capture has everything right from a tired sun peeking out from amidst the ferocious clouds and lending the entire evening its last streak of sunlight, to the reflection in the water to the copper metallic golden sand to the various human life present in the picture from a kid to a teen to a grown up.

2-Slightly hazy :(, but I absolutely adore the blended shades of warm pink to orange to greyish tones :D. Clicked at Daman.

3-Another of my favourites, I captured this image from the Jetty fort (Daman) overlooking the water body and another fort on the opposite side with a lighthouse at almost a far end. Even though the stacked boats were crampy, dirty and out-of-service, but I absolutely loved that element in this pic. Infact I feel the pic would have been incomplete had I not captured the boats with em :D.

4-Clicked from a boat while in the same water body that you can see in the above pic, I liked the sun and it's reflection glimmering in the otherwise filthy water :D.

5-Jhampore beach, Daman. Ooh I absolutely luv the raw tension between the clouds and the sun and the whole scene appears kinda messy :)) :P.

6-Peek-a-boo, I see you : so says the sun :P. The sand, the water, the sun, the clouds, a purr-fect recipe of a kewl pic :D :P :D (same beach, Daman).

7-Rays escaping the clouds' trap :P (same beach, Daman).

8-A zillion permutations and combinations of clouds and sun and nature, and its still counting :D :P (same beach, Daman).

9-A candid capture, it was just so that when I clicked the pic, the two fellas on the left raised their hands and pointed towards something but it appears as if they are pointing towards the sky to a "ray of hope" :P (same beach, Daman).

10-I clicked this pic when I was in Bangalore. Ooh the yummy yummy fluffy clouds :D:P:D almost all over the sky.

Friday, June 4, 2010

On cloud no.9-PART II

Want to see more ?

So, PART II of my blog is here :D.

1-This is just a clear blue sky. Loved the blue tone. Simple, clean and clear-quite opposite to life lol :p. Taken in US, San Francisco on the 17-mile drive--->1 helluva place :D:P.

2-The same day, the same 17-mile drive but this pic is taken towards the evening. A distinct contrast between d 1st piccy and the below piccy inspite of the same place and day :P. I like the fact that a line of light appears amidst the otherwise gray clouds :D.

3-This one was taken at Epcot, Disneyworld, Florida. I like the whole glowy effect at the base and the escaping rays so prominent that you can actually see bands of rays :D :P :P.

4-Taken en route to Statue of Liberty and this was taken while I was on the ferry loll :P. This is just kewl :D. A wide sheet of clouds lying in front of the sun :D. The sheet of clouds reminds me of a sheet of snow :D.

5-This was taken from a train while I was on my way to Mahavirji, Rajasthan, India. It appears as if two whirlpools are carving their way towards the land from the sky :P.

6-This was en route to Niagara falls. Couldn't help but notice the yummylicious sky :D. With streaks of clouds zip-zapping here and there, the tone of the sky was a yummy apricot shade blending into blue :D.

7-The same route, but a while later. The white clouds now are filled with rage :P or so they seem :P. Innumerous and scattered streaks of clouds appear more like malnourished twisters lollll :P.

8-This was taken from Universal Studios, California, US. If you focus only on the sun, you will realise how it is retracting and going back to its place :D:P leaving a faint hint of fluorescent sunlight upwards :P.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On cloud no. 9 :p

Want to see more ?

I am an avid cloud and sky gazer :D. So whenever I see a sky or clouds worth capturing, I go ahead and do so :D. The following are some of my captures from around the world and this is PART I :D:P.

1- This is a view of the sky from my bro's house in US. A faint streak of yellow light just above the building in the middle reminds me of gold :D.

2-Again, a cloudy capture from the backyard, US.

3-US again :-s :p.

4-I didn't intend to but the clouds behind the tree appear as a symbolic foliage of the tree :P.

5-I liked the way that bright sun was peeping out of the clouds :D.

6-Clicked from outside the house in US, I liked the amalgamation of grey clouds hiding the sun and the sunset-y effect at the bottom.

7-This particular picture was creepilicious lolll. It looked more like the claws of a wicked lava witch lol :p.

8-And when you look at the whole scene, it appears as if a volcanic army is advancing to engulf the planet :D (lol yeah I have 1 of the weirdest of imaginations :D :P)

9-The same evening, but a different part of the sky :D. It looks like a sky whirlpool is forming :D.

10-kinda yummy sky :D.