Friday, June 18, 2010

Died in your arms tonight...

"Do you think...I will die peacefully...or...I have no choice?",
she said in a lost and meek yet feverishly warm voice,
while cuddled into him, battling her final days,
her eyes were closed, but tears had found their way.

"Shhhh", he pressed his finger against her warm mouth,
she frowned and smiled and pouted without a doubt,
he raised her head, and tried to wake her up gently,
wanting to spend her last few days with him, he watched her intently.

All efforts in vain, she had lost her strength,
she lay there in his arms in a white bathrobe, counting her life's length,
she hugged him tightly as if he would leave her and go,
until a tear touched her pale cheek, she looked at him and glowed.

It was a perfect moment, but imperfection had set in,
she coughed like a baby, and oozed out blood till her chin,
he got scared, he thought that was the final moment,
fear of losing her blinded him, he froze, that poor gent.

He rushed for the towels, and wiped her face clean,
she couldn't help but notice, that he had turned so lean,
she felt bad, guilty and ugly, what her prolonged health made him do,
she hoped for the process to fasten, for her to bid him adieu.

He threw the towels away, and sat next to her,
she clinged onto him cozily until everything started to blur,
her warmth shriveled, all she wanted now was a deep slumber,
her agony was melancholically visible, she couldn't any more encumber.

He brought his lips closer, and kissed her for the last time,
she can now die happily, she thought, she gave him a warm smile,
she raised her shivering palm, and touched his face,
to remind herself once again, of his warm embrace.

She lay there in his arms, breathing with difficulty,
colour leaving the scene, being filled with lividity,
he played their favourite song, the one that was so special,
she started humming it bleakly, too good for it to be real.

She knew it was time, she was losing her soul,
she couldn't determine any longer, who was real and who was a ghoul,
she tried to speak for the last time, but she couldn't any more,
she battled however, and uttered "te quiero mi amor".

He smiled and cried and cried like a baby,
she was finally leaving him, everything turned hazy,
he hugged her tightly, he kissed her well,
she left the world, she might have by now reached heaven, not hell.

He lay there with her lifeless body in his arms,
nothing could weaken him more, nothing could harm,
to remember her is one thing, to forget her is another,
to move on without her is one thing, to live with her memories is another.


  1. hmmm... the death connection seems to be a hit with ya... You're on an absolute roll with ya poems. Nice emotion there though its getting a li'l monotonous with the death scenes :D

  2. @ gg-loll :p yeah death seems intriguin :P.

  3. OMG that was so sad..tears blur my eyes, so well written in describing last moments between lovers..emotional bits..Excellent work!

  4. powerful emotions, sad, yet profound.