Saturday, June 5, 2010

If I, Will you ?

If I love you, will you love me back ?
Or will this feeling be a cause for an attack ?

If I care for you, will you care for me too ?
Or will you consider it to be something lewd ?

If I will be there for you always, will you be there for me as well ?
Or will you make a fool of me, and leave me to swell ?

If I want you, will you want me like I do ?
Or will you play dirty games and declare me a taboo ?

If I kiss you, will you kiss me back ?
Or will you consider me nothing but a plaque ?

If I hug you, will you hug me too ?
Or will you flush my feelings down the loo ?

If I look at you, will you be there to reciprocate ?
Or will you let your hatred for me just inflate ?

If I stay with you, will you stay with me too ?
Or will you walk away, just like you do ?

If I wait for you, will you wait for me always ?
Or will you move on, and send some one else the bouquets ?

If I cry for you, will you shed tears for me too ?
Or will you go elsewhere, and make a new boo ?

If I make new memories, will you be there in it ?
Or will you be the usual you, not giving a shit ?

But what if I kill you, what will you do then ?
Will you go mourn in hell, or lie silently for once in your coffin's den :P? lol :p.


  1. haha loll booha... you can't expect that ONE to do whatever you want to or do naa :P.. anyways supa funny and interesting it was :P... loved the last bit :P.. sounded a lot like ya and not ya fiction :P =))...lolll
    And yeah.. I like this poem cos its supa hatke and not that serious and intense like other ones:D.

  2. hahaa shut up lolll :p a lot like me >:P wt crap >:P jus d last line sounds like me :| baaki ka senti ni :|

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  4. un-fuckin-belivable!! loved the too-loo and the it-shit rhymes!!!!