Monday, June 7, 2010

A lil girl so lost...

This poem is inspired by a true story.

That twinkle in her eyes, that deep mesmerising smile,
those rosy thin cheeks, that left no one hostile,
that small little nose, those mis-shapen teeth,
that bob cut hairstyle, forming a neat sheath.

She seemed a little tired, while playing catch and cook,
but she didn't give up, she kept herself hooked,
smiling all the way, little did she know,
her life was rented, she would be gone before fell the snow.

Meek she was turning, life was being sucked out,
day by day, a pretty girl's hopes were being knocked down,
barely had she seen the world for 3 petty years,
but all god gifted her was some cruel tears.

Hardly three years old, in this dark beautiful world,
she had just started learning and waiting for things to unfurl,
at the stage of trying to shape words, into sentences to converse,
how could she understand, that it's cancer she's immersed(in).

She just knew, she cannot run, she cannot eat, she cannot play,
how would she know, what is dying and what is heaven's way ?
She was too young to understand the gross complications,
all she could see around her, was tears in the eyes of god's creations.

"Mama, why can't I run like others ?", she asked,
her mother felt weak to answer her with her pain masked,
she glided her hand through her daughter's hair, and said,
"coz you are not like others, you are special and ahead".

"Mama, why can't I look pretty like others ?", she enquired,
"coz you are god's baby, you look better in your special attires".
"Mama, I don't have strength, to do anything, why is that ?",
"coz god wants you to rest first, and then chase the cat".

"Mama, am I ill ?", she questioned gazing into the sky,
"no, my sweetheart, you are purr-fect," she hugged her tightly trying to deny,
silence filled the air, sobs were held back,
prayers to be heeded, courage needed to be stacked.

The girl was unaware, that she was going to die,
she was confused, why was everyone so shy,
even though she was a child, she could sense something different,
if she could term it, she would've said that everyone was acting nonchalant.

Days passed into months, and months' agony it was,
for the moment of truth was here, she was hospitalised alas,
the courage that was stacked, was now required the most,
for the child was leaving the world coz of the cancer diagnosed.

Those last few minutes, watching their little girl on the bed,
with hands in needles and syringes and oxygen mask on her face so red,
breathing her last moments in, she didnt know what was happening,
she kept waiting and waiting for the season to spring.

No one told her, she will have to go through pain,
all she knew was snow, candies, teddies and rain,
she was dying, she didn't even know what that meant,
she didn't even know what happens when you die, where people went.

Her last thought was that she's just ill, she will come back,
all healthy and pink, from the hospital post-attack,
how could anyone explain her, that it was the end,
no matter what anyone said now, she couldnot apprehend.

With lifeless body, coughing and blood oozing out from it,
she was bidding everyone goodbuhbye, her role was finished,
the reality was fading, darkness was peeping in front of her eyes,
her breath was leaving her, her soul leaving her smile.

She wanted to fight, but she didn't know what that meant,
she wanted her mother, her father and friends,
she wanted to hug her mother, she wanted her jelly beans,
she wanted her licorice, she wanted her mothers' mexican beans.

All was going farther away from her,
she wanted to grab it, but all she could see was a blur,
she gave up, she lost her life,
cancer eventually won in this gross strife.

I wonder sometimes, what exactly the girl had felt,
did she know what was going on, or was she just misled ?
At the age when you don't know a thing, and you don't understand,
I wonder what was going on in her mind, as she headed towards her life's end.

P.S. : the pics are for representational purpose only.


  1. wish cancer cud never come in anyone's really makes life hell....almost a first hand experience :)

    nice words by d way..

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  3. You're becoming a more mature poet with each passing day.. This was beautiful. Gave me goose-bumps... Loved the way you described it.
    But doesn't quite give me the satisfaction of reading a good poem, though it is.. Because of the topic in the poem..
    Well penned.!!

  4. This was rally sad, but so true at the same time that it made me realize all the things people never see even when they're looking.
    Beautiful poem.

  5. Beautifully written ! Really a touching one. I wished to start reading your blog with a happy post. Anyways will look forward for that in future. :)

    Hope to see you in my blog too -

  6. @ shona- :)

    @ gg-hehee thankoo :p

    @ D2-yep thtz tru :)

    @ romeo-everything is not always happy :P but i like 2 focus more on dos realities tht not many pple talk about :).

  7. A touching & poignant poetic tale. Nice piece of writing.