Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On cloud no. 9 :p

Want to see more ?

I am an avid cloud and sky gazer :D. So whenever I see a sky or clouds worth capturing, I go ahead and do so :D. The following are some of my captures from around the world and this is PART I :D:P.

1- This is a view of the sky from my bro's house in US. A faint streak of yellow light just above the building in the middle reminds me of gold :D.

2-Again, a cloudy capture from the backyard, US.

3-US again :-s :p.

4-I didn't intend to but the clouds behind the tree appear as a symbolic foliage of the tree :P.

5-I liked the way that bright sun was peeping out of the clouds :D.

6-Clicked from outside the house in US, I liked the amalgamation of grey clouds hiding the sun and the sunset-y effect at the bottom.

7-This particular picture was creepilicious lolll. It looked more like the claws of a wicked lava witch lol :p.

8-And when you look at the whole scene, it appears as if a volcanic army is advancing to engulf the planet :D (lol yeah I have 1 of the weirdest of imaginations :D :P)

9-The same evening, but a different part of the sky :D. It looks like a sky whirlpool is forming :D.

10-kinda yummy sky :D.


  1. Me Likey :D.. Poet to photo blogger now? :D

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  3. Your tryst with clouds is almost romantic :P Nice pics there :D