Friday, June 4, 2010

On cloud no.9-PART II

Want to see more ?

So, PART II of my blog is here :D.

1-This is just a clear blue sky. Loved the blue tone. Simple, clean and clear-quite opposite to life lol :p. Taken in US, San Francisco on the 17-mile drive--->1 helluva place :D:P.

2-The same day, the same 17-mile drive but this pic is taken towards the evening. A distinct contrast between d 1st piccy and the below piccy inspite of the same place and day :P. I like the fact that a line of light appears amidst the otherwise gray clouds :D.

3-This one was taken at Epcot, Disneyworld, Florida. I like the whole glowy effect at the base and the escaping rays so prominent that you can actually see bands of rays :D :P :P.

4-Taken en route to Statue of Liberty and this was taken while I was on the ferry loll :P. This is just kewl :D. A wide sheet of clouds lying in front of the sun :D. The sheet of clouds reminds me of a sheet of snow :D.

5-This was taken from a train while I was on my way to Mahavirji, Rajasthan, India. It appears as if two whirlpools are carving their way towards the land from the sky :P.

6-This was en route to Niagara falls. Couldn't help but notice the yummylicious sky :D. With streaks of clouds zip-zapping here and there, the tone of the sky was a yummy apricot shade blending into blue :D.

7-The same route, but a while later. The white clouds now are filled with rage :P or so they seem :P. Innumerous and scattered streaks of clouds appear more like malnourished twisters lollll :P.

8-This was taken from Universal Studios, California, US. If you focus only on the sun, you will realise how it is retracting and going back to its place :D:P leaving a faint hint of fluorescent sunlight upwards :P.


  1. good work gurl....anyone can figure out artist in u...with your descriptions ;-)....cheers to creativity :-P

  2. so kewlll......anyone can figure out artiste in you...with your descriptions...keep up the creative work gurl...cheers to creativity...:-P

  3. hahaha goruuuu :P thankoo thankooo loll :P

  4. beautifull images
    loved the 5th and 8th the best!

  5. Awesome pictures.

    Just one tiny error. It's Disneyworld, in Orlando, FLorida.
    Disneyland is in LA.

  6. @ magiceye-thnxxx :D

    @ D2-loll oh ya :P thnx 4 d correction :D

  7. Me Likey.. me likey.. I so want to eat Ice cream now :-s..