Saturday, June 5, 2010

On cloud no.9-PART III

Want to see more ?

PART III and the last part(for now) in the trilogy is here :P (well obviously till I gather more pics :P).

1-This pic is one of my personal favies :D and the place is Daman, India. Of all the pictures I clicked there, I absolutely love this one. Captured at Jhampore beach on a mesmerising evening, the capture has everything right from a tired sun peeking out from amidst the ferocious clouds and lending the entire evening its last streak of sunlight, to the reflection in the water to the copper metallic golden sand to the various human life present in the picture from a kid to a teen to a grown up.

2-Slightly hazy :(, but I absolutely adore the blended shades of warm pink to orange to greyish tones :D. Clicked at Daman.

3-Another of my favourites, I captured this image from the Jetty fort (Daman) overlooking the water body and another fort on the opposite side with a lighthouse at almost a far end. Even though the stacked boats were crampy, dirty and out-of-service, but I absolutely loved that element in this pic. Infact I feel the pic would have been incomplete had I not captured the boats with em :D.

4-Clicked from a boat while in the same water body that you can see in the above pic, I liked the sun and it's reflection glimmering in the otherwise filthy water :D.

5-Jhampore beach, Daman. Ooh I absolutely luv the raw tension between the clouds and the sun and the whole scene appears kinda messy :)) :P.

6-Peek-a-boo, I see you : so says the sun :P. The sand, the water, the sun, the clouds, a purr-fect recipe of a kewl pic :D :P :D (same beach, Daman).

7-Rays escaping the clouds' trap :P (same beach, Daman).

8-A zillion permutations and combinations of clouds and sun and nature, and its still counting :D :P (same beach, Daman).

9-A candid capture, it was just so that when I clicked the pic, the two fellas on the left raised their hands and pointed towards something but it appears as if they are pointing towards the sky to a "ray of hope" :P (same beach, Daman).

10-I clicked this pic when I was in Bangalore. Ooh the yummy yummy fluffy clouds :D:P:D almost all over the sky.


  1. Love the last one.. reminds me of sugar candy :-s..I so want to have one. RIGHT NOW!! :P

  2. hahahaa omg :O since wen did u start hvin cravings like me :O:O:O lol :P?

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