Monday, June 14, 2010

Our incessant love...

Lying faithfully on the carefree beach,
in your comfortable arms, in your warm reach,
reminiscing the times, the so-called past,
I never imagined we would reach this far, so fast.

The scintillating sun is gazing down at us,
with amuzement and jealousy and questions and confusion,
it wonders and wonders how did we survive,
how is our bond so strong, was it to be revived ?

The smooth sand touches our body and soul,
it makes us slide into each other as smoothly as kohl,
the cool breeze cheerfully plays with our faces and hair,
sometimes tingling the ears, sometimes the nose with flair.

I giggle at the tickles, and cuddle into your arms,
as gleefully as a happy pup, that causes some alarms,
you enjoy my plight, and love to see my antics,
especially those that get me to you, to your hugs, kisses, so romantic.

You laugh like an innocent little baby, at everything I do,
sometimes I dont understand, if I do things only to see my laughing boo,
we are inseperable, I wonder if it's the glue :p,
or the love, or the friendship, or your name's tattoo :p.

You smile, I smile, you dance, I dance, I'm happy, you're happy,
You cry, I laugh :P, I laugh, you love, I'm snappy, you're totally crappy :p,
your wit matches my nonsense, a requirement for long lasting happiness,
what would we be without each other, it's difficult to comprehend.

We have created enough love for the two of  us,
without any arguments about it, without any fuss,
we'll continue living this way, I'll tease you and you love me,
as deep as the sea, but without fatal drowning :p.

The journey is long, we will get pretty old one day,
a lil ugly, totally void of teeth :p, a lil bald :(, but what the hey,
we will still love each other as our visions will be poor :p,
the physical appearance wont matter then, not even our empty stammers.

We might go deaf, we might limp and shiver,
half of our organs will stop functioning, even the poor liver :-s,
but our humour will support us right till the end,
even though we'll be a misfit in the fashionable trend :p.

But that is the future, it's too far away,
when we have each other, let's rejoice and bray :P,
for we can entertain each other, like we always do,
sometimes like animals and humans, sometimes like cupids and devils boos' :p.


  1. hahaha.. lol.. a funny one finally :P.. but what's with the failure of organs and everything!! Uh.. so damn discouraging..
    Good one though.. A very different one from ya..

  2. @ gg-heheee :p yeah tried my hand on it :P well organs do fail rite in d end :p

    @ me-:p.