Saturday, July 24, 2010

Always a misfit, always an alien...

Fragrance has lost its scent,
enemies lie everywhere without sense,
every face is a mask unread,
every battle requires courage, not dread,
life has lost its meaning,
there's no more pleasure to sing,
soul is drying up, it really is,
beauty is diminishing, eliminating bliss,
happiness is fading, flowers are withering,
sorrows are dancing, thorns are pricking,
world has changed, why cant anyone see ?
everyone is a stranger now, even a humble bee,
paths are lost, feelings are frozen,
change yourself into others, or you cannot perish,
I stand alone, I refuse to turn into one of them,
what I don't understand, I will not perform,
always a misfit, always an alien I say ;)...!!!


  1. Nice poem.. The commas were made use of, a lil' too much.. the Full stop-- extinct. Good one, though. Better with corrections.

  2. lol full-stop wud mark d end after every grouped/rhymed line n i dont want it tht way :p its in continuation n hence d commas :p

  3. I don't think there is any good to be part of life you don't want to be in, to live the way world desires you to, to live your life that isn't quite yours.
    Short and simple with beautiful fragrant attitude, I like this poem as well :)