Monday, July 19, 2010

Beginning of a new end...

I need to start, I need to fight,
maybe all I want to do is write,
I need to cross this pool of shallow,
in search of something that I can wallow.

If random thoughts are brought to life,
why do we still suffer the fright,
if all I do is sink in morbid vacuum,
escaping from it requires more than re-routing.

Building aimlessly castles in sand,
searching for something, searching for a hand,
no where to go, don't remember where I came from,
no where to look, its just blurry like a thunderstorm.

I wonder if I were any different than this,
would then my confusion be any simpler ?
Would then I'd have a future, a plan ?
Would then I'd have something to call my own ?

But that which is not me, is not my own,
that which is anything but me, I better suffer than call it my own,
I would've choked, if I were any different,
I would've been common, if I were to change.

And yet I change, and yet I don't change,
and yet I've lost that which was in me,
and yet I try to redeem myself,
but there is no starting, and there is no end.

I'll walk and walk, till I can walk no more,
I'll talk and talk, till I can talk no more,
I will think and think, till I can figure it out no more,
I will live and live, till I can live no more


  1. Woaaaah!!... Wats happenin' to booha??:O.. Metamorphosis eh?? :O... this one looks like it has come from your "Invisible heart" rather than from ya grey cells... good one booha.. liked it.. >:P

  2. YOu can walk and walk on,
    But you can't flee...
    YOu can keep the words
    In yourself
    But you can't stop by
    From being born..

    your poem made my think of the above lines...a little piece of my mind, that keeps running in loop. keep writing.


  3. @ gg-haha shush :P

    @ wanderer-hehe nice lines :).

  4. Would then I'd have something to call my own ?
    The most beautiful thing about this world is everything is yours but nothing seems to be.. :)

    This piece made me recall a song from Avril Lavigne "Anything but ordinary"
    Good Work ji :)