Friday, August 6, 2010


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Minutes away from the train,
everything's decided, our destiny awaits,
all is happy, all is pre-planned,
and yet I have to tell you, tell you before it's too late.

We've been together since I can remember,
you've been there for me always and forever,
but something is tarnished, we both know,
the times that we had, aren't the same any more.

You look at me, hoping to say something,
I smile at you, gathering courage to talk,
words are left unspoken, feelings are left untouched,
trust is misunderstood, we are left unwritten.

We look away from each other, doubting ourselves,
this is what we wanted, from so long,
and yet when it's here, why don't I want it any more ?
Why can't I even tell you that ?

Thinking to myself, we reach the station,
Not much time left, I need to tell you this,
"Do you want this?", I asked you,
"You don't want this ?", you replied.

"I don't love you any more",
I looked into his eyes and found remorse,
"Did I do something wrong ?,
We can get through it and stay strong..."

"This is the end, I can't do this any more,
I can't love you the same way, I need to move on"
You heard me say all this, you heard me right,
I know it's hard, but you need to let go.

"All this while you wanted to say this,
why now ? why just seconds away from it ?",
he looked at me, as if he could look,
right through my soul, the soul that hurt him.

"I couldn't see you fall apart, not in front of me, I'm sorry,
the love is gone, but the care is still there,
the feelings are erased, but the memories will remain,
your girlfriend is leaving, but your friend is not."

"I don't need your sympathy, your apology,
you made your decision, I have made mine,
this is the end, the one you wanted,
end of our love, end of our trust"

You made it clear, your face froze,
I know you are hurt, but this is best for us,
living with me, there would be no love,
living without me, someone would love you,
one day, some day, you will be loved.

I gazed at you, I hugged you,
I kissed you, I wished you the best,
you didn't reply, you boarded the train,
I waved you my love, the love of a friend...

The train commenced, you turned at the door,
tears left your eyes, you yelled my name,
I ran to you, our fingers touching each other's,
you said you will love me, and remember me always,
you said you will miss me, and the way we both swayed,
melting the ice, landing into future so bright,
we smiled and cried and bid each other goodbuhbye...

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do all relationships come with the past ? Soch Lo!

PAST...!!! What is this past ?
Why do we hold on to our past ?
What is with this past and us that we make our lives and break our lives depending on our past, with our past, learning from our past. No matter what you do, your past will always be a part of you and it only depends on whether you want to smile at your past or run away from your past.

ALMOST every relationship comes with the past...It is the past...Your present becomes your past one day, your future will become your past some day... Most of the people run away from it, even in a relationship.

So what if a girl was engaged to someone else before getting married to someone else ? So what if a boy was in love with another girl before committing to someone else ? So what if a girl has had previous relationships ? SO WHAT ? Why does anyone who is currently in a relationship worried about the girl or boy's past ?
Isn't it quite clear that those relations died their own slow death and hence they are a part of the past and not the present ? Isn't it enough that you are in his/her life at the moment ? Or is it that you are afraid that you will become a part of his/her past ? How can one not have a past ? With oodles of love flowing everywhere, its quite natural for two people to fall in love and like the trend of break-up is dancing everywhere, it's even more natural for a person to break up atleast 2-3 times with 2-3 people before he/she/it finds a stable partner and even more stability in their own life and mentality.

It's not a big deal to have a past because your life is who you are and you are what your life is and your PAST is one of the most important chapters of your life that is perpetual till your death and you should love it, and it's not even a big deal to accept someone else's past whole-heartedly (well only if that person has even an ounce of sanity and sensibility :P) but most of the people make a big deal out of this whole past-thingy.

For crying out loud, you yourself have a story of your own, a tale to hide, a tale to tell. Things and people from your past might or might not drop-by in your present. If your relationships were sour, end them and move on. But don't expect them to never bother you again in future.

Do all relationships come with the past ? Yes they do. And that is more or less like a universal fact. Those who deny this, are just fooling themselves with blind notions and arguments. And it's not bad to have a past. It just goes to prove that your life, your past hasn't gone unnoticed, you have made something of it.

You break up because you're not in love anymore, you break up because you cannot tolerate that person anymore, you break up because of physical and mental torture, you break up because of possessiveness, you break up because of family, you break up because of bad health problems, you break up...because of n no. of what ? Should you not let your current beau or your husband/wife know about your past ? Well most of the people say or rather state it as a "rule" to not let your "future" know about your "past" ? But why ? Your past is nothing to be ashamed of ? And there is no reason to hide it either. It's a part of you and it should be gracefully accepted by others.

But who would understand that ? We are all often clouded by our ego and immaturity and lack of sensibility to see and comprehend the visible and evident truth. Very few of us actually accept our partner with their past and when that past haunts the present, all those who are a party to this, lose track of what is right and what is not and what is their role and what they should do ?
The most complicated thing in life is to lead a simple life and we just blow out of proportion some petty things that don't require so much attention that it starts ruining our lives :P.

All relationships come with the past, present and future and living that tenure and experiencing different facets of emotions is what you should be glad about...!!!