Friday, August 6, 2010


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Minutes away from the train,
everything's decided, our destiny awaits,
all is happy, all is pre-planned,
and yet I have to tell you, tell you before it's too late.

We've been together since I can remember,
you've been there for me always and forever,
but something is tarnished, we both know,
the times that we had, aren't the same any more.

You look at me, hoping to say something,
I smile at you, gathering courage to talk,
words are left unspoken, feelings are left untouched,
trust is misunderstood, we are left unwritten.

We look away from each other, doubting ourselves,
this is what we wanted, from so long,
and yet when it's here, why don't I want it any more ?
Why can't I even tell you that ?

Thinking to myself, we reach the station,
Not much time left, I need to tell you this,
"Do you want this?", I asked you,
"You don't want this ?", you replied.

"I don't love you any more",
I looked into his eyes and found remorse,
"Did I do something wrong ?,
We can get through it and stay strong..."

"This is the end, I can't do this any more,
I can't love you the same way, I need to move on"
You heard me say all this, you heard me right,
I know it's hard, but you need to let go.

"All this while you wanted to say this,
why now ? why just seconds away from it ?",
he looked at me, as if he could look,
right through my soul, the soul that hurt him.

"I couldn't see you fall apart, not in front of me, I'm sorry,
the love is gone, but the care is still there,
the feelings are erased, but the memories will remain,
your girlfriend is leaving, but your friend is not."

"I don't need your sympathy, your apology,
you made your decision, I have made mine,
this is the end, the one you wanted,
end of our love, end of our trust"

You made it clear, your face froze,
I know you are hurt, but this is best for us,
living with me, there would be no love,
living without me, someone would love you,
one day, some day, you will be loved.

I gazed at you, I hugged you,
I kissed you, I wished you the best,
you didn't reply, you boarded the train,
I waved you my love, the love of a friend...

The train commenced, you turned at the door,
tears left your eyes, you yelled my name,
I ran to you, our fingers touching each other's,
you said you will love me, and remember me always,
you said you will miss me, and the way we both swayed,
melting the ice, landing into future so bright,
we smiled and cried and bid each other goodbuhbye...

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  1. A very heart touching post , brilliant

    Keep it up ..All the best :)

    take care

  2. Liked it.. Didn't love it.. Try involving the (.) also :|.. Good one.. Good luck for the contest.
    **Punches her nose**


  3. very nice DA, the love shows here.. love b4 and after a goodbye..

    ATB for BAT13.

  4. It's really hard to say goodbye!
    A well crafted poem! liked it a lot :)

  5. Beautifully written.... A lot of times when we finally get what we longed for, a question arises, "Is it really worth all the sacrifices I made?"

  6. This is the first poem I'm reading on this edition of BAT which kind of surprised me because I'd thought this topic would have inspired a lot of poems. Nice work. Very touching! All the best!

  7. Awwww...heartbreaking yet lovely poem.

    Gkam - Goodbye

  8. nicely written, a good depiction of the confusions n trade offs dat exist in love n relationships..

  9. very realistic. men are puppies in love, often. Not to say women are not.
    I can relate with the strength of the female protagonist. To do the right thing. To make the right choices because after all if you're not happy then it's not worth it.
    The promise of an ensuing friendship seems a little shallow but then there numerous iterations where it's not. And that's not the primary focus of the post itself.
    It was a rhythmic trip, keep writing!

  10. that is touching... yet beautiful...
    well written.

  11. SPLENDID... first time on ur blog and I loved this post... follwoing ur from now on... keep up the good work... all the best for BAT 13 :)

  12. Well I have to say this, you have captured the feelings very well and the way you potrayed you poem and the feel when the train started everything is awesome..

    All The Best for BAT 13.

    Do stop by Gmsaravana - Goodbye

    If you wish to save a heart, then do stop by Save a Heart! Initiative. Do take the pledge and vote if you wish..

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  13. devilzangel , this is really an wonderfully crafted poem :) You have put in every emotions so well .. beautifully written ! Its true , sometimes , though we don't want to , but still we ought to let go off the relationship thats closest to us ..All the best for BATOM :)

  14. That was nice. Got a little confused in the beginning but got it in the end. Anyway, all the best for BAT! :)

  15. omg beautiful man!!! i can see vrything in frnt of my eyes good..

  16. wonderful poem with emotions.

  17. Thats a lovely piece.Its so difficult to bid adieu to the person who loves you.

  18. very well written, will drop by to read more.

  19. a beautiful poem this is! so touching and so well crafted...:)

    the hardest part is saying goodbye...

    all the best for BAT!

  20. that was a nice poem....for some reason i can never write good poems so ppl who can are like u know genius kinds...i loved the poetry and the pain of separation portrayed

  21. a perfect collection of emotions that evoke b4 a Goodbye...

    liked all the lines....particularly, "we are left unwritten."

  22. good going.nice poetry and beautiful blog

  23. its a beautiful poem wrapped in a beautiful blog.

  24. Emotions Simplified.

    Good One.

    Keep Smiling.

  25. @ vivek-thnxxx :D

    @ bb-lol der wer fullstops, open up ur eyes :P n thnx :p

    @ leo, jaspreet, -thnxxx :D

    @ vikram-yep thtz tru

    @ dreamer, gkam, adarshs, -thnx a lot :D

    @ sidra-yep jus tried 2 show diff reactions 2 a common phenomenon :D

    @ rajlakshmi, tavish-thnkoo :D

  26. @ sum1 is special-hey thnx a lot :D really appreciate it :D

    @ adreamygal-thnkoo so much :D n yep v need 2 make sum hard decisions sumtimes :D

    @ nethra-glad my poem dint leave u confused @ d end :D

    @ d solitary writer-mission accomplished :D thnx :D

    @ vee, harsha-thnxxx :D

    @ meher-thtz tru :D

    @ amity-aww thankooo so much :D

  27. @ shahid-hehe i had d same impression bout pple who used 2 pen poems until i found out tht i can write poems as well :D thnx a lot

    @ phoenixritu, mahesh, pratibha, makk-thnkoo :D

  28. Very nice poem brimming in love and loads of sweet sour emotions of parting :)

    You've got a talent :)

    Keep up the good work :)


  29. Hi devilzangel! ( quite a name it is!)
    i liked ur poetry, very emotional, very honest. great expression too! keep it up and all the best for BAT.


  30. @ dialogue-thanx 4 appreciatin it :D

    @ a restless-lol yep quite a name :D n thnx 4 likin my poem :D

    @ siddhesh-thankoo :D

  31. your girlfriend is leaving, but your friend is not..
    Hey doesnt any girl have a copyright on this line.. evry girl uses it so oftn on me :p

    Jokes apart, i liked the flow of this poem.. u captured the emotions vry well.. keep participating!!!

  32. @ vipul-lolll i guess it's copyrighted 2 d whole of female specie lolll :P
    n thnx 4 appreciatin d poem :p

  33. Nicely done. The thought provoking lines were well composed.
    Good Stuff.

  34. Beautiful and touching expression!
    All the best for BAT-13!
    Cheers :)

  35. @ gyanban-thnx :p

    @ shilpa-thnxx too :D

  36. Beautifully written. I disagree with the comment about punctuation; the way you use it give the poem and nice flow.

  37. so heart filled and touching well penned wonderful poem