Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The absolute tyranny...

Living in a dream, I'm living alone,
giving up on things, not only on people galore,
Life has moved on, from where it used to be,
it doesn't care a dime if I'm standing alone.

In this perennial walk, I walk on and on,
void of sanity, absence feels benign,
colour losing its colour, an entrapment follows,
searching for the meaning, left with no reason to wallow.

Temporary a phase is, is what everyone says,
temporary a phase is, is what I used to portray,
who defines how long temporary is ?
even a decade of pain qualifies for it.

Someone stopped looking for something important,
someone stopped rejoicing at the scent of flowers,
patience is not always good, it gets the better of you,
waiting is insipid, it punches you blatantly eliminating every hue.

Alone and yet don't feel lonely,
happiness is a state of mind, and so is fear,
fool the brain, and I no longer will have to veer,
but fooling myself, won't that be a life of a stranger ?

Closed fists dont lead me anywhere, I need to open them,
to set free all that I'm holding on to,
to walk ahead, not just in words but in reality too,
to resurrect myself, the only one I've not given up on.

Can't fathom if the narcissist in me is away, lingering still,
or just clandestinely abandoned,
but the battle is on, I wont refute,
I won't go down like this, I will not salute (to this).

One day I will see the light,
at the end of the tunnel, I will see a yummy life,
where life and I will go hand in hand,
no more arguments, no more feuds, together we will stand.

Some day I will write my story again,
void of the past mistakes, a fresh new start awaits,
one day the absolute tyranny will be caused to fail...!!!


  1. Very beautifully written.. Keep writing..

  2. nice one...
    who defines how long temporary is ?
    even a decade of pain qualifies for it.
    no1 gets to know what qualifies best for it...nothing is permanent not even life is...

  3. Such a strong poem it is, it does give a strong message, victory lies with those who are patient.

  4. @ gg-thnx :p

    @ unruly rebel-thnx

    @ sufu-hehe hope so :p.

  5. Battles are meant to fought alone. Fight stronger and you will win better. :)

    Powerful Lines. :)

  6. brilliant,
    I enjoy this one, well done.

  7. Confident write! Yes to that yummy life :)

  8. I loved this stream of conscious writing honestly its shockingly like the contents inside my own head. Wonderful bits of wisdom and thought-provoking questions

  9. @ jingle - thnx

    @ bendedspoon - ditto

    @ mindlovemisery - thnx a lot :) m glad u cud relate 2 it.