Saturday, October 2, 2010

Final Destination...

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"What?", she looked at the receiver in a way as if asking herself if some lunatic caught hold of her number.
"Helloooo-oo-ooooo...and before you hang up happp-pppyyyy birthhhhhh-dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mam", came quite a shrilly and garrulous voice from the other end.
"Oh Kate it's you, I'm...I'm sorry I didn't recognise you...was sort of lost in my own little old world", she said in her painful-but-trying-to-hide-it type of voice.
"That's okay mam, but would you be kind enough to open the front door... you see my hands are all into the flowers and cake and gifts and they're kinda heavy too :( and plus my cell phone is on the verge of falling down coz it's getting a bare marginal support from my ears and shoulders and y..."
"That's enough Kate, I know what you mean, the door is open, come on in."
"Oh purrfecto,wait for me".
"Where will I go from my own home Kate ?" thought the old lady.

Kate was a happy-go-lucky twenty two year old and one can say, crazy sort of, loving girl and would always put a smile on a sad face. She never knew what sadness meant or rather never did she let it affect her.

She knew Mrs. Fitzgerald when she first came to the latter to learn piano two years ago. It was actually a summer hobby and the classes were supposed to last for only three months, but the connection between the two grew so stronger since Mrs. Fitzgerald felt as if Kate was her own grandchild and vice versa, that the monthly-sessions turned into an ongoing relation.

Mrs. Fitzgerald or Missifizzy as Kate used to call her coz it rhymed with Mississippi and made sense to her, was a warm septuagenarian and had been through her share of reckless troubles and pain. She was thirty six years old when her husband got lost while returning from an army camp. Innumerous searches were made for several years but all efforts went in vain. At the same time she had to suffer the pain of losing her unborn child younger to the son she already had of six years at the time who also died in a war at the age of twenty-one later on. She never did fully recuperate after such grave losses but she never lost hope on her husband. She hoped that one day...just some day she will meet him...he will find her. An empty void had filled her heart, a deserted place but she never stopped caring about life. And to help her fill happiness in her life, she met Kate. None of them will admit, but they both loved and cared for each other like a grandmom and granddaughter would.

"Happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy again birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Missifizzy , so how old are you now exactly ? Oh wait, these are your options : twenty-one, twenty-one or twenty-one :P?", yelled Kate in her nonchalant warm voice.

"Wow, this is a tough one Kate, uhmm give me some time...oh wait what about ermm twenty-one ?", replied Missifizzy.

"And that is..................the correct answer've just won yourself your birthday cake and two birthday presents," and they laughed and hugged each other.

Amidst the routine ramblings and chatters, the bright morning left and a rather havoc-ridden afternoon rose up. Even though the day was going on smoothly, Mrs. Fitzgerald as always kept looking at the telephone in the hope that she would some day receive a call from her husband from somewhere.It was that hope that never allowed her to leave this place or change the phone number. Even till this day that hope was not lost. But today felt a little different. Today something was about to change. She could feel it. Amidst the new world, the empty space and the hope, she could feel something so strong as if it'll take her life.

She almost collapsed with the overpowering feeling when she heard the telephone ring. Kate got up to receive it when she was stopped by Mrs. Fitzgerald who told her that she will receive the phone call.

"Hello", she said.
"What", she froze as if she saw a ghost and held on to the receiver unable to believe her ears. Tears rolled down her eyes.
"Alston station...I have to go to Alston station" and the receiver slipped through her hands.

Alston station, thought Kate. Isn't that disused now ? I wonder why Missifizzy is going there and that too in such a bad weather?

She thought of asking Mrs. Fitzgerald what the call was about but the latter left in such a state of hurry with different facets of emotions and expressions pasted all over her face that left Kate shocked and speechless.

"I will meet him, finally I will meet him today...After thirty-four years finally I will meet him...nothing can stop me now...I will meet him"...Kate heard Mrs. Fitzgerald murmur these words to herself as she left. 

Confused and perplexed, Kate placed the receiver back when she heard another ring. She picked up the receiver and answered to the intermittent helloo helloo.
"Hie, uhm what was that all about ? What did you tell Missifizzy that she left in such a hurry ?", Kate asked with arrogance.
"Missifizzy ? Anyways, I have no clue what's going on there but I'm calling from the Lost-and-found Department of Cumberland and it's regarding Mr. Fitzgerald who was never found on the last train to Alston station on the day that he was to arrive in 1976. He has been found there at the station. And before I could complete, she hung up," replied the caller.
"What, so is Mr. F alive ?", blurted out Kate with hope.
"No mam, rather his body has been found along with a few belongings on the skeleton that were identified as Mr. Fitzgerald's. So I wanted to know if Mrs. Fitzgerald would come down tomorrow morning at 10 am to claim the bones and belongings. Hello. Hello ?"
"Yes. Yes I'm listening," said Kate barely enough to be heard. She now knew where Missifizzy went. She got it all wrong. Kate got scared...She knew what succeeded now. She would not be able to see Missifizzy's state once she gets to know the truth.
"So can I confirm it with her, will she be there ?" said the person.
"Yeah...uhm...yeah can confirm it yeah...We'll be there," and Kate hung up.

Almost instantaneously Kate left for Alston station. A million worries were racing through her mind, a million concerns. Oh god please, please don't let Missifizzy reach before I do, please god she won't be able to handle it. All this hope and no one to receive it when it's crushed...oh please no, god please give Missifizzy strength...please...

It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon but the sad weather made it look like it was evening...a really emotional evening. Kate was a little farther when she saw a cab leave Mrs. Fitzgerald at the station. Driving fast, it still took her some time before she could reach the station.

She stopped her car and rushed out of it to follow Mrs. Fitzgerald. Palpitating and out of breath, she reached the platform and saw Missifizzy seated on one of the benches, her back to Kate. Not having thought about how to break the real news to her, she advanced towards Missifizzy and started telling her,
"I'm so sorry Missifizzy," she got emotional.
"What, what is it Kate ? Well whatever it is, I'm so sorry I had to leave you alone and I just left in such a haste. But I'm sure once you know the reason you will forgive me," she replied with an excited smile and nervousness, all for her husband.
"He's alive, he's here, somewhere here, that mister told me on the phone. And as it was a pact with Arnold, I had told him that I will be seated here on this very bench to receive him whenever he goes to fight a war and returns here, on this very station," she whispered shyly.

Kate was hating herself for being the bearer of the news that would kill her Missifizzy's hope. The same hope that kept Missifizzy alive and to move on. But she had to know the truth.

"He's not alive Missifizzy, he's not...they found his skeleton with his belongings here somewhere."

"What...uh what are you saying my child, oh well how would you know. Well let me tell you, that mister on phone, he told me that they had found Arnold here, yeah," she said with a voice that now was second guessing herself and the pain was trying to take over her  happiness.

Kate nodded and told her what the caller actually meant. 

"I'm so sorry Mrs. F, I really am...," she trailed off and hugged Mrs. Fitzgerland tightly. She almost froze when she realised how cold Mrs. F was.

"You're so cold," she said while holding Mrs. F back only to see her fall lifelessly on her lap. 

" no no no no...this can't be...ple...please please tell me your no no...," she tried waking her up but of no use...

So Mrs. Fitzgerald finally did meet him...Arnold...back in heaven...their pact is sealed after all...He did come to receive her at the same place he was to come back in 1976... He knew it was her last day on earth... She knew where her end should take place... 
Well with all this, atleast she proved that true love not only knows where and how you live and should live, but it also knows how and where you should die...together for life and for death...

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  1. Love knows no bound...but this is pure love...Missfizzy waited for long and at least, a happy reunion with her Arnold!

    This is a sad story dear, very sad, but must be a happy ending for Misfizzy...

    I almost cried...true love never dies...what they did profess twenty years back, was realized...a true and long lasting love!

    What inspired you to write such a beautiful love story?

    My best wishes to you for BAT 15!


  2. @ amity : thanx a lot for appreciatin it so much :)...wt inspired me : wen i luked @ d picture of alston station that was provided, a vague story almost instantly appeared in my mind n hence i went ahead n shaped it :) thnx once again :D

  3. too good ...kept me engrossed throughout ...

  4. The best work I've seen from you :). You're getting super professional. You should think of writing short stories and publishing them. Loved it.
    Keep Writing!

  5. it's a sad story, but really touching and beautiful. keep writing...

  6. yea yea,
    I agree with Rohit.
    Publish your own works
    it was a very good read

  7. Touching and beautiful.. I loved each and every words penned down..

    --Someone Is Special--

  8. Are you a professional writer?? Amazing story!! Truly superb!
    Gud luck :)

  9. @ Me-thnx

    @ bb-is it :D thankoo thankoo thankoo :D

    @ reetam-thnx :P

    @ Md-thnx 4 appreciatin it :D

    @ Sis-aww thankoo :D

    @ shruti-lol nope not a pro yet :D:P n thnx 4 likin it :D

  10. Superb !!
    The manner in which you have used words and images to build up to the prompt-image alone deserves an ovation.
    But even more touching is the absolutely beautiful story you have conceptualized and so delicately narrated.
    Beautiful !

  11. I'm a little taken aback by the abrupt end; I would imagine thirty four years are enough to realize and accept the finality of it all but I guess not. I don't think I need to say good job you already know it by the kind of feelings it's instilled. Feels almost like a personal loss.

  12. @ brijender-hey thtz an awsum compliment :D m happy u liked it so much :)

    @ sidra-human psychology is 1 unique thing in this world. 4 a common man its sane enough a decision 2 accept d fact n move on but der r sum exceptions in dis world who still have that lost hope in em' sumwhere wich dusnt let em blv n face d truth, it becums a reason 4 der stayin alive in dis world :) n it is des exceptions that i m interested in writin bout :) n thnx a lot 4 appreciatin d story so much :).

  13. That was an interesting post. I loved reading it. You write amazingly well. Enjoyed my stay here :)

    Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post - When love calls

    Take care :)

  14. After reading the story I felt you have all the ingredients of becoming a good story teller. Keep it up. As suggested by Rohit oneday you can bring out your collections.

    PPC Advertising India

  15. @ romeo-thnxxx :p

    @ sundarajan-thnx a lot 4 d encouragement :)