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My oldest book and it's memories :D

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"Books" :D. There's something strange about these books. But there's something great about these books. Everyone says that a book is a person's best friend for the fact that it's loyal, stays with you no matter what (ofcourse unless you discard it :D) and gets you through a boring day/mood. But for me, its more, it's much much more than all of this. Books are more than just a part of my life. They're my escape to the world of fantasies, subjective understanding, infinite imagination and different realities of life and the happiness of fiction.

I was about 13 or 14 years of age when I was first introduced to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice as an additional reader for my english final exam at the end of the year, based on which a few questions would be asked in the exam accounting for 6 marks. We were supposed to issue it from the library for a week and read it completely. Having a flair for writing and being creatively inclined from the very start (not exaggerating :D), I think Pride and Prejudice was the purrfect book a teen could ever come across.

(Jane Austen)

So I started reading the book and as I advanced with the story, my imagination galloped as well. It can be said that my love for words, imagination, weaving stories, classics ( such as Jane Austen's works, Charlotte Bronte's works, Mark Twain 's works, Arthur Conen Doyle's works, Edgar Allen Poe's works, etc) and the growing interest in the 18th and 19th century works and authors was enhanced manifold by Pride and Prejudice's (P&P) influence on me.

(Original publication of Pride and Prejudice)

P&P is a story about the romantic clash between a semi-contemporary yet practical and mildly conservative girl Elizabeth Bennet and her proud beau Mr. Darcy, and her 4 sisters (Jane, Marie, Lydia and Kitty) about how she and others find love, lose love, deal with different situations in love and how those who're meant for each other finally end up together, written as a third person by Jane Austen. The story very effectively encompasses the lives of people in the 19th century like the 1800s. It's a journey of true love starting with disgust between the protagonist Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and ends with their marriage and a happily ever after. The story starts with Elizabeth and her wacky, cocky and flirty sisters and family and how they meet Jane's future beau Mr. Bingley, a sweet and kind person, and Eliza's Mr. Darcy, an over-confident, rude, arrogant, self-centered rich ass who considers everyone beneath him or so was the impression at first. With parallel stories running inbetween regarding Eliza's other sisters and other men, P&P is a story full of distinct emotions by way of different characters, like sarcasm, wit, love, practicality, sensibility, affection, misunderstandings, care, irritation, jealousy, evil intentions, foolishness, etc.

The best part in the story is when Mr. Darcy professes his love to Elizabeth inspite of his personal opinion of her being inferior to him, her financial status, etc which he doesnot fuhget to add in the proposal and also the fact that loving Elizabeth is against his own will and this is how it goes in the book : "in vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." And the best character that is so impossible to understand and love and yet so adorable and charming through out the course of the story is that of Mr. Darcy's and when Eliza in the end falls in love with him as well, it's actually a very kewt unison, if only it would exist in reality :P:D.

And so somewhere amidst this story I fell in love with writing and P&P became my favourite novel (which stays even today) and Jane Austen became my favourite authoress. Amidst the fantasy world of history and love story, I had forgotten that I had to return the book within a week :(. Not well aware of where to buy it from, I made an attempt of keeping my eyes open to grab any opportunity where I could find this book. But of no avail, and as time passed by, I got more engrossed in my studies and I gradually forgot about this book until the day when I went to a book exhibition and came across it again :D. It was quite clear that I HAD to buy it and my passion for books was revived (and it was again because of this book). Since then it has become a hobby for me to collect all of Jane Austen's books and now I have all of her works :D even the ones she had written as a teenager :p.

It's been 7 years since then and I have not only read it but this amazing story has enthralled me to watch any television version and movies that are aired or made. The best television series that did justice to the book out of all the media works has been the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice made in 1995. It's a must watch for all P&P fans :D. Jennifer Ehle plays the role of Elizabeth and Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy. No one could have and has portrayed the part of Mr. Darcy better than him till date.

I can never let go off that book because it's very close to my heart. It's been almost 200 years since P&P was first published in 1813 and that very fact that this story has survived for centuries, makes me dwell more into it's enigmatic grip. Literally since childhood I've been living with this story, fancying it and always taking inspiration from it. Like the way one cannot forget first love (or so they say :p), I have these memories not just attached to the book, but to my life as well. How can one forget something that is the reason for her to fall more in love with words, literature, past eras and what not. The very fact that it was written purely based on personal experience and surroundings is what makes the book for me a very special one.

Lol and if I ever had to give this book away to someone, firstly I'd rather buy another copy and gift it to someone :P, but if it had to be the same copy, I think I will give it to whoever will be my future hubby lol :p. It'd be very cliched and yada yada if I say I find some of myself reflected in Elizabeth, but that is true if you'd know me :P and hence I'd rather give it to my Mr. Darcy than anyone else :p and have a happily ever after ;) :P.

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  1. Nice post.. I remember you telling me that you bought a couple of Jane Austen's during ya US trip last year.
    Really was published in 1813? :O.. That's some book!! Makes me want to read it. "SOON!"

    Keep writing!


  2. :p nah not jane austen :S. iv bought all of her buks 4m mumbai only :-? though i really hope i can lay my eyes on d originals @ sum pt in my life :D:D:D
    n yeah published tht early/late :P. awsum ya :D u shud read mansfield park too :D