Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Listen to me

Dear Santa,

I know you give presents to kids who stay good,
you come through the chimney, and leave through the hood,
I have been sad today, you should know why,
it wasn't my fault, the day was just dry.

Starting from the morning, I reached my school late,
the teacher gave me punishment, and made me wait,
Maggie took my pencil and she didn't give me back,
Steven took my eraser, to make a tall stack.

And so I lost my pencil, my eraser and more,
I even lost my cycle, the one with a small blue door,
But more than anything, I want you to know,
that Katy put my flower, in the bin with a throw :(.

So I want you, to not give Katy anything this year,
she wants a bear, but you can give it to me this year,
I will keep it safely with me, 
till the time you teach Katy to be good.

I also want a new cycle, some stationery and a hat,
along with a dart gun and some food for the cat,
And would it be too much, if I asked you for 1 more thing,
I don't know if you can fix it, but my mommy lost her voice, and she can't sing.

So please be good, Santa, and drop these things for me,
and you can give the voice to my mommy while she is asleep,
Love you.

Written for Carry On Tuesday, Prompt # 84.


  1. Nice poem..
    I'm still buzzing with question marks over my head with my imagination yielding nothing but another question mark... A cycle has a blue door? :-?
    keep writing!

  2. d'oh :p d blue door is jus 1 of dos things tht u put on ur cycle/decorate o sumthin like tht :P, a miniature size :p.

  3. Glad you explained the blue door. Cute piece.

  4. A very cute poem and enjoyed it immensely. See a lot of innocence in the child which is credit to your narration!!

  5. @ brenda-thnx :p

    @ articles-lol :p

    @ nanka-glad u cud c tht :D thnx :D

  6. Delightful! Thanks for supporting Carry On Tuesday, it's really appreciated