Thursday, December 30, 2010


Standing without a soul, they stand tall alone,
naked, bland, crooked, preponderant silhouettes,
stretching their arms, etched against the tempestuous sky,
rendered leafless, void of foliage,
standing without a soul, they stand tall alone.

Swaying hither and thither, left clueless without their trusted leaves,
appearing lost like ants, when you disrupt their chain,
no longer complacent, no longer haughty,
stuck inextricably, waiting for winter to get over,
standing without a soul, they still stand tall alone.

I look at them, some stare back tenaciously,
as if I'm the enemy, and they all are in cahoots (against me),
some expostulate, they don't like the fall,
it renders them shambolic in nature, acrimonious and all,
standing without a soul, they are standing tall alone.

The diabolically sibilant wind, scraping those that are diffident,
fall amidst those standing tall, contorted, bruised, appear so small,
they've been defeated, they have given up,
they surrender against the paroxysmal season,
standing without a soul, some still stand tall alone.

 And then the seasons change, and then the seasons change,
all that was taken away, is given back to the same,
conspicuous changes, breath of fresh air,
lively leaves, once again surround the trees,
a perennial cycle, one of nature's many conundrums,
hints us intermittently about life and lifeless stuff.

P.S. : This poem refers to the state of trees personified in the "Fall" season followed by the "Winter" season, how once lively trees are rendered leafless gradually upon the onset of fall and, by winter they just stand there naked, without leaves as if exhibiting the feelings that I've mentioned here.


  1. Okay! I'm having difficulties understanding this one... It only goes to show this is way beyond the comprehension of normal folks.. You're officially now on par with the Czars in poetry!
    I like the choice of words, though... They minimize use of multiple adjectives. nice :)

  2. @ bb-hahaa ohhh thankooo 4 d compliment loll :p. I hope eventually u understud/will understand d poem :D:P:D.

  3. very nice take on variations in trees and liked this line the most ''standing without a soul, some still stand tall alone''.

  4. hmm... all i would say is
    if winters comes, can spring be far behind

    its a cycle and will go on...

  5. @ magiceye-thankoo :D

    @ pratibha-thnx a lot :D

    @ deepika-yep thtz tru :p ders always a balance, gud preceeded by bad n vice versa :D sadness n happiness, life n death n such :D.

  6. The cycle of life very nicely portrayed. Loved the frequent use of "standing tall alone". It totally strengthens the symbolism.

  7. @ D2-thnx 4 appreciatin it :D. "Standin tall alone" is exactly what I felt everytime I gazed at those trees and hence it formed the core of this poem :P.

  8. And how it is to 'stand tall alone' waiting for the things to bless ones soul again like a 'breath of fresh air' 'and then the seasons change'... and all is new again.

  9. Wonderful piece to read I enjoyed this very much :)

  10. As I read this, a thought came: What if humans had seasons like trees and plants. Going dormant and lifeless in the winter, lively in spring, merely drinking in sun and water in summer. I should stop... I'm writing a poem!
    Very nice writing you've done here. Very inspiring I'd say!

  11. You helped me build my vocabulary and then I enjoyed reading the poem.

  12. @ reflections - how tru :d

    @ jeanie - thnx a lot :)

    @ marbles - i think v can leave d season 2 nature 2 njoy :D

    @ booguloo - m glad it helped u in more dan 1 way :D thnx a lot :D

  13. vivid capture of the transformation in nature,
    well done.

  14. Nice imagery, great vocab, learned a lot :)
    happy potluck!!!