Thursday, December 23, 2010


You looked just the same, after all these years,
you felt really warm, am I going sane ?
That same ruffled hairdo, that mysterious look,
that love in your eyes, I felt it all.

I was flabbergasted, was it really true,
you were there, standing right in front of me,
I felt strange, I didn't know what to say,
I'd broken our friendship, was I the one to be blamed ?

I didn't love you, but I really wanted you there,
I really wanted a friend, who supported my every affair,
and now we meet, like this, so weird,
my inner self, scraping every bit, to talk to you.

I never felt love for you, still don't feel love,but felt different,
at your mere sight, I felt warmth oozing out of me,
I felt a familiarity, a benign feeling,
after all these years, what's happening here ?

But how can it be true, I question myself,
how can I feel normal for you, all of a sudden ?
How, in a split second, I made you my own,
when I was the one, who had you disowned.

You looked at me, as if to tell me something,
but you leave without uttering a word,
I could see the pain in your eyes, which wasn't unusual,
but this time, this time something was different.

I wanted you to stay, to tell me what was wrong,
I wanted to help you, like always I wanted you to stay strong,
but there prevailed, an awkwardness amidst us,
so near we were, and yet were a distance apart.

I think a tear fell, I felt it on my cheek,
I could see the scene reeling, as if it was real,
the intensity possessed me, even in my sleep,
when I finally woke up, I realised, it was nothing but a dream...


  1. Wow, some dreams do come true, what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and call him and let him know you met him in your dream

  2. haha nice....
    Also, this theme looks good on your blog...

  3. Heya !

    Luvd reading it, packed with emotions.


  4. @ sufu-lol wt makes u say dis ws my dream :S? :p

    @ bb-thankooo :D

    @ JK-thnx 4 appreciatin it :D.

  5. It is said that dreams can be interpreted in very different ways. A very profound poem. The lines,

    "How, in a split second, I made you my own,
    when I was the one, who had you disowned."

    were particularly striking. Lovely poem.

  6. If that were my dream, I would wake up, get dressed (or skip that part), and do something to not have them at all.
    But I really wish to read about more such dreams for sure.

  7. @ D2-yep thtz tru tht dreams have very different facets and interpretin em correctly is a very dicey job. Though this was plain fiction :P. thnx 4 appreciatin it :D.

    @ Zave-a sleep without dreams is gr8, but a life without those very dreams is rendered meaningless, it's a part of u tht u shud b happy 2 live wid, ders a reason 4 everythin :p, tht is wt i feel :D:P:D.