Friday, December 31, 2010

State of illusion...

What if it's not meant to end ? Not this way atleast,
what if it's not meant to start ? Not this way i think,
what if things were meant to change ? Should I wait ?
What if things would never change ? Should I move on ?

What if I made a mistake ?
What if everything turns upside down, inside out, forward backward ?
What if there's no tomorrow ?
What if everything, everyone stops ? Even me one day...

What if I lost the battle ?
What if I lose everything I have ?
What if and what ifs, always crowding our lives,
but in reality, what ifs dont exist.

It's an illusion, a trance of delusion,
a state of empty conclusions,
more than anything, an otherwise foolish solution,
incarcerating you, causing mental explosion.

Inextricably caught, in it's claws,
running in a loop without a sane cause,
scared of life, scared of death, scared of everything that exists,
living in fear, killing the rest of you while the time remains.

And what if I don't die, and what if I live ?
I'd have wasted my time, in fear that I'd die,
a vicious circle, a cycle of life,
a vicious circle, this universe provides.

And lost without identity, a zombie in paradise,
and lost without feelings, waiting for the end to arrive,
and what will be will be, que sera sera,
and dancing life will one day melt into the era.


  1. what if it was not an end, and just the beginning?
    what if the last song on the lips was the first one the heart was about to sing?

    Beautiful post..


  2. Hahahaha good one :P...
    What is this? A one page description of Human life? :D...
    And it makes a nice rap :D..
    cOoL :P

  3. @ aneek-a-haan, some simple yet meaningful lines der, i quite liked em :D n thnx 4 appreciatin my poem :D.

    @ bb-lolll human life eh :P quite possi :-? but more so its just bout a weird state tht every1 lands into sometime o d oder wid WHAT IFS :D.

  4. beautyfully crafted poem.are this words your experiences Devilz angel? I am luving all your posts since it feels lyk you are describing me.i am very much lyk the main peoples and characters you are putting in your post.

  5. @ kaushik-m glad u liked it. yeah some words some where are my own experiences and some are just brutal realities blended into fiction :). m glad tht you cud relate 2 my characters :).