Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eternal chaos

No more talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears,
drench in the trance of love, protect your inner sphere,
and unleash that which is yours, and redeem your foolish pride,
for all is but lost, for all is but alive.

And the moonlight scrapes right through you,
and the epiphany replaces the black state,
the solemn presence surrounds us,
the shameful vulgarity of truth abandons us.

And this is the penultimate moment,
one that instigates our fate, our state,
and the darkness that possessed us, will soon deteriorate,
and the bleak streak of life will eternally evolve.

Written for Carry On Tuesday, Prompt # 86 : No more talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fear.


  1. beautiful imagery..
    well put...

  2. Can I rate it ?
    No I can't!!
    Your imagination is supremo!!
    I am really falling in love with your words!

  3. @ GV-hey thtz quite an honour :D thnx a lot