Sunday, May 22, 2011

The dusk before the dawn...

With a throbbing ache, and that sweetness of your embrace,
I walk through the moonlit path,
besides the lonesome waters, I ask for an empath,
who gazes into my eyes, with that crispiness and delight,
that renders your trusted soul naked, loved and surprised.

Amidst a thousand faces, I find no familiarity,
only expressions of the unknown, trying to grow on me like moss on stone,
but no matter how hard they try, I cannot blend,
for a stone stands solitarily, even after the moss is washed away.

The raging fires dance, with a tainted macabre sense of style,
with efficacious animosity, they await my onset,
they wish to melt me, to diminish my angsty equanimity,
but they're unaware, that a stone, no matter in what state, is a stone all along.

The woods entreat me to stop, and reverse my footsteps,
they implore me to transform myself inside out,
but the surreptitious phoenix in me, will obey no one,
there is no looking back now, I have to move forward.

And yet, the reflection in the rippled water, is not my own,
the soul within is rented, the stranger stares blankly at me,
the camaraderie has evaporated, the connection is lost,
magic is upset, hostile eyes stare at me.

And so I wait, for the day to come, when the stranger in me
feels familiar, feels like 'my own',
when I can smile at my reflection, and recognize those eyes,
I will feel happiness, I will no longer feel the world of lies.


  1. nice..something different :) ....

  2. Nice! Yet another long poem with a few complicated terminologies. Good luck with the reflection and soul searching!(to the character in the poem).

    keep writing!

  3. quite expressive i would say :) ...wonderful post dear

  4. @ maithili-hehe thnx :p

    @ bb-loll complicated eh :p thnx :p(on behalf of d character :p)

    @ d solitary writer-hehe thnx a lot :D:P:D

  5. Awesome.. Worth a read :) Read your blog for the first time... and this one is third one in the row :)

  6. You capture a sense of aloneness.

  7. thoughtful.

    well expressed sentiments, what a splash.

  8. Aren't we all looking for an empath? Something to believe in, in a world of deception. The way we deliberately hurt ourselves/deceive ourselves its no wonder we end up lashing out at others in our pain. Anytime we see anything of our own reflection we become fearful and fear leads to aggression. Its a noble goal seeking to know yourself, its a lifelong process. Good look on your journey! You have expressed yourself beautifully here, I know well what its like being a loner

  9. @ victoria-der r times wen m alone but i dont feel lonely :) thank d alien hell 4 tht :P

    P.S. : M an alien :p

    @ morning-hehe thnx :D

    @ mindlovemisery-life is 1 amazin thing/phenomena/wteva it is categorised as :p. it's a journey where u can experience all d diff type of emotions @ sum pt o d oder in ur life. sadness prevails, but der r more important things n emotions 2 value life 4, i blv :D. U as a person r constantly evolving n changin wid life n like u said its a lifelong process-wich is a sweet thing perse, i feel :D. I wudn't really call myself a loner coz m very chosy wid who i allow in my own lil world :D so its by choice, a stringent choice rather tht i m d way i m :D i cannot b like ne1 elz :D thnx 4 appreciatin my piece :) n i hope ders bright light 4 u sumwhere too :) o maybe u already r in d sunshine :D-den happy luck wid tht :)...!!!

  10. you wrote a piece that speaks to many. I love it.

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