Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fool's garden

I am nothing but a fool,
I let myself believe that you were too,
for once, I was willing, to take a leap of faith,
but alas! I was destined for failure, I was destined for wrath.

Painful as it was, I felt like never before,
I was unaware, that I could feel it at all,
I felt bad, I felt abandoned, my hope was defeated,
I could feel that feeling suffuse my body, all I desired was a quick healing.

Planting a hope, right inside your mind,
and watch it get washed away, is as good as staying blind,
leap of faith never pays off, I just fooled myself,
lending myself a fool's hope, I've learned my lesson yet again.

Not glad perse, not contented, still, I had asked for a sign,
an answer to a confusion, to release me from the dilemma,
and yet when the answer's staring me right in the face,
an answer I had expected, I'm disappointed.

For once, I thought, things could be different,
I tried to change my perception, I tried real hard,
but trying for something that's never meant to happen,
is like expecting an apple to grow out of a peach tree, it never will grow.

Hazed by the emotions, I so strive to avoid,
I've been fooled by this weakness, my susceptibility has been deployed,
How could I not see, I just let myself believe,
in you, in fate, in life, but I'm not going to grieve.

My wall will be resurrected, it's just a matter of time,
no one will breach it, no prick, no crack will diminish it,
my castles of hope will no longer exist,
my army of emotions will subside eventually.

Giving up on someone, is the worst thing to do,
you gave up on me so soon, I should have seen it coming,
and so I resume my belief, in my primary decision,
my questions no longer need an answer, but I faintly wish if it could all come true.

Also written for : One Shot Wednesday - Week 45


  1. This is beautiful! I could visualize a lot of it as if it was running on a 70mm screen. Lovely piece of writing!

  2. loved the flow...somewhere made me go through the same emotions..that's the beauty of this work!!

  3. Nice poems. And paintings too!

  4. Never give up is may mantra as well :)

  5. @ bb-hehe m glad it ws tht realistic :D

    @ maithili-i appreciate tht :).

    @ 25BAR-thnx :D

    @ nisheeth-hehe tru :D.

  6. Deeply moving. With time, you will love again.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. a hard read, the betrayal, the pain in the aftermath of someone walking away...wonderful said but rings hard....nice one shot

  8. awesome dear..the image compliment each and every word you penned down :)

  9. The speaker deals with a tough scenario and the subsequent emotions that feel so hurtful. Nicely done.

  10. :) hopes, beliefs, expectations, discomfort, drifting away,... all phases of a strange thing called relationship...

  11. @ andy-thnx 4 d advice :D. but m not in luv lol :p.

    @ brian-tru :) feelings n emotions r fragile things :p u need 2 handle em wid care :p.

    @ wanderer-thnx a lot :D

    @ dustus-thtz tru :p thnx 4 stoppin by n appreciatin my work :D

    @ aakash-yep :p every relation has its own course :D

  12. Oh man, better to keep flying into those &*%$ window panes than to stay in a cement nest at the top of the tree, that's what i think. Forget Mr. Bozo the Clown. But don't stop feeling...

  13. @ fireblossom-aww i really appreciate ur advice n gesture :D but it isnt as serious as mentioned in d poem :p it's jus an exaggerated version of wt "normal" pple mite feel like :D i consider myself an alien :D

  14. Very compelling words, it made me sit with the notion that when we "try to change our perception" we are starting from a place of mind that will not allow us to move forward, instead we let go of perception, giving it to love. Thank you for sparking thought for me today, an absolutely lovely write ~ Rose

  15. I am not sure if I have seen anything more intricate and from the heart. The way you perceive things is exciting. You will find that person you want to spend your life with if you do not give up.

  16. @ c rose - m glad it brought sumthin gud @ ur end :)

    @ viking man - thnx a lot ya. means a lot. not really sure bout d last line of urs though. Brain is an amazing thing but a complex stuffed toy too :).