Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's me birthday :D (almost ending :P)

An ordinary day, an ordinary life,
weird it is to have this ordinary alibi,
the expression is lost, the happiness has swept away,
to think of it today was my happy birthday :p.

And yet, I'm stuck somewhere in-between
the realities and dreams,
the truth and the lies,
faith and logic.

My mind appears distorted,
my wall is resurrecting,
my emotions are caged up,
my faith...will grow stronger.

The ordinary day, is drawing to an end,
never thought I would ever consider it that way,
but it's just a matter of time, before I make myself special again,
because I know there are some people, who will stay supportive, no matter what the end.

P.S. No time, no energy, but still wanted to pen down something @least on my bday, while I still had a few mins left :D:P:D.


  1. oh great I get the opportunity to wish you Happy birthday!! :D HAve a happy life ahead :D and waitng for some mindblowing posts from you...

  2. I loved the awful(as always) piece of writing you churned in a few mins... Happy b'day to ya.. May you keep coming up with even awful(ppl reading this, don't confuse awful with awesome:D) poems for a long time to come. Wishing for all the happiness and good health in the world to ya. May you become shaheed soon!

    Keep Writing!

  3. @ maithili-hehe thnx a lot 4 d wishes :D hopefully ul get 2 c sum gud posts :D

    @ bb-haha thankoo 4 d wishes :p *kicks his ass* :p n n-ah dont wanna get shaheed :||:|: soon :|:|:|

  4. smiles. happy birthday...and you are special...we all are, we just dont often see it...

  5. happy birthday!!!! Hope it was enjoyable...thanks for the visit, LOVE your background btw :)

  6. Belated happy birthday to you. And yes, no matter what there would always be someone who will be supportive and love you. All the best!

  7. @ brian-thnx a lot :p yeah but i used 2 often c it :p

    @ iynnaima-thnx a lot :D

    @ zephyr-thnx a lot :D yep tru, sum1's always der :p thnx