Monday, May 9, 2011

Losing grip

I cannot wait for you, and yet I can't move on,
I cannot grieve for you, and yet I can't shrug it off,
I cannot expect you to be back, and yet I want you,
I cannot be a part of your life, and yet I ardently want to.

I want to walk the path with you,
I want to to feel the air with you,
I want to be in your blissful presence,
and yet...the Gothic dream of exultant bliss, I can see, it turn into ashes.

I watch the moment slip away, I am it's only witness,
I was the one who initiated it, I was the 'destroyer',
I am a sadist, even when the victim is me,
I am the wraith, wriggling in her own ashes.

I'm incomprehensible, I'm a whimsical kid,
I'll turn you down, when you least expect me to,
I'll do the opposite of what you tell me to do,
and you, will never decipher who am I, scathed in my own stubbornness.

And now, I stand, still like a mannequin,
sick, like a fleeting wish,
pale, like a homeless cadaver,
detached, like a tenant of my own mind.

I await the bliss, I await your presence,
I await your mark, on my invisible heart since forever,
I await a sailing boat, in the ocean of my thoughts,
I await the beginning of the end of my wait.


  1. A post a day, I see! Great use of words. Good one

  2. wow I m seriously awed by this one!! you are simply too good at this!! straight from the heart :)

  3. There comes a moment in everyone's life when nothing appears to be good..You find yourself lost in the world..Listen to your heart at that time and it ll make things much easier for you then :)...

  4. @ bb-hehe yeah keepin d thuts flowin :D

    @ maithili-heyy thankooo so much :) i really appreciate ur feedback.

    @ nisheeth-loll thnx 4 d advice :). Though my poems n stories r not solely based on me :p. There's always fiction flowing inside der sumwhere :P.

  5. I await a sailing boat, in the ocean of my thoughts,
    I await the beginning of the end of my wait..
    A little inconclusive, but the foundation was set nicely :)

  6. Umm... it portrays a confused mind...
    which to some extent is true, relationship always ends up with confusion..
    But yeah, would have loved a strong ending..


  7. @ rachit-thnx :p

    @ gvsparx-loll an impulsive poem it ws :p hadn't thut d end thru :p i thut it ws f9 but il try n make it better next time :D

    @ aakash-like i said, it ws an impulsive poem :p jus waned 2 write an exaggerated version w.r.t. a few thuts :p.

  8. Such smooth and fluent poetry. The pain is evident and tugs at the heart.

    I love the way you have put forth these thoughts. :)

  9. I read this one again... It's filled with so much hope and messages from your invisible heart...It makes me want to stop believing you because you let it turn to ashes... But life goes on? With or without the flow. May be nothing's turned to ashes yet. Believe! You totally can \m/.. May 9th!! Time to communicate and repair if not ashes already... believe ;)

  10. @ srinidhi - thnx a lot :D

    @ bb - lolll communicate? i hope u do realise dis poem isnt for 'sum1'? n repair i will - myself. only need 2 feel sumtin inside me :D :p.