Monday, May 2, 2011

My heart will go on...

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"I'm breaking up with you," he said abruptly,
I smiled with surprise, more so on his tomfoolery,
seated along the promenade, I looked back at the sea,
still not recovered from the silly thing he'd just said.

Gazing into the horizon, he took my hand into his,
resolutely, he uttered the inimical words again,
"I'm breaking up with you," I heard him say,
I thought he was jesting at first, but he proved me wrong.

Despondently, I looked at his cold yet painful face,
as if he meant to say something else than what he'd just said,
his face still colourless, he refrained from looking at me,
I couldn't fathom the reality that I was unable to see.

"We love each other, there has never been a blip,
then where is this thought of breaking up coming from?"
I questioned his repining eyes with an ardent celerity,
but he tested my patience with his laconic stability.

I jerked him, I shook him, I demanded an answer,
how can he do this to me, to us, it was indiscernible,
he remained quiet, but his solitary tear could not,
he finally let courage suffuse himself, and he commenced to talk.

"You deserve someone better than me, I'm not worth you," he said,
I waited a little longer to discern what was coming next,
but there was no next, this was his sole reason,
"And, that is it?" I asked and he nodded in commiseration.

"How can you decide our fate, all by yourself?
Who are you to decide, who's worth me and who's not?
I love you, and you love me,
more than anything I know that you will always be there for me."

"Don't leave me alone, I'll be lost without you,
how did you even get this stupid thought in your head,"
I asked, I said, still astonished at what was happening,
but he stood his ground, for a change he remained unaffected.

Melancholy silence filled our reproaching breaths,
choked souls, with diabolical effects,
I closed my eyes, in the hopes of it all being just a dream,
only to find myself alone, alone with my lamenting scream.

And so he left me, I never heard from him again,
he left the place of origin, he left the city where he belonged,
with questions still unanswered, a labyrinth of emotions ensued,
my words are still unspoken, my love for him still is abstruse.

Also written for Poetry Potluck dated June 5, 2011 - Inspired by the song "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion.


  1. awesome, as usual... It reminds me of another poem on similar lines you wrote a few months ago... and yeah you'll claim this one as fiction too!! Keep writing!

  2. u write well!like i said da previous comment i truly feel connctd to u. i wudnt hve said its over if i luvd someone.

  3. @ bb-lol thnx :p. It is Fiction :O !!! u knoe better dan 2 call dis non-fictional @-).

    @ anonymous-thnx :D. Well iv known pple breakin up coz of dis single reason n it has intrigued me ever since n hence i jus penned my confusion in dis poem :d.

  4. Could the summation of a relationship be this far, this is the best :)

  5. wow!! m speechless.. it touched my heart... very well written girl!!

  6. @ wanderer-awww tht ws chweet of ya :D.

    @ maithili-thnx 4 d appreciation :D.

  7. it reads like a face to face conversation, masterful word flow.
    you rocked

  8. @ promisin-thnx a lot :D i'm glad u felt tht way :D.

  9. Very nice! U have a new follower! Haha! Love it!

  10. "only to find myself alone, alone with my lamenting scream." I loved this line powerful words. The emotions were raw and realistic. I believed it, I hope you didn't truly go through this but it was believable. The reason for breaking up oh that gets me so fired up when people pull that first of the self-pity but the acting like they have the right to decide what's best for you.

  11. @ jingle - thnx

    @ mooch - lol thnx too :p

    @ mindlovemisery - no i hvnt gone thru ne of it :D it's pure fiction :D. yep intrigues me too - dey decide 2 leave d person 4 der own gud only 2 fuhget tht dey're messin up d oder person's life even more by leavin em.

  12. At least he said why... ;( Very touching story. Reminds me of something... It's great!

  13. @ magdalena- :) thnx 4 d appreciation. old memories revived eh?

  14. Heart wrenchingly beautiful.

    Nice one :)

  15. dis is almost a copy paste of my life-story except... dat I did return back and was not accepted even though I knew he so wished to...

  16. @ srinidhi-thnx :)

    @ me-oh m so sowwie... i hope uv held up urself well after tht...