Sunday, July 17, 2011

Halfway gone

What do you want from me, 
why don't you just answer and see?
Throwing pebbles, rubbles and plinths at me,
you want me to deduce all on my own, my life's mystery.

I'm hanging on, I've been scraping through
the entire journey so far, I haven't been astute,
damaging all the strings attached, I absorb the pain,
only to always be the one to lose, rather than left to gain.

And yet this is what I chose for myself,
and yet this is the only option I leave on my life's shelf,
but how is it that you bless the whole world but me?
And how is it that I'm so complicated, and you're so free?

You've not given me a heart to love, to feel,
but you've given me a brain to comprehend, to deduce and heal,
and the machine that's built inside of me, is finally alive,
only to realise everything around me, is nothing more than a lie.

Is this how my life will proceed, into the short future that I have?
Why do you give me things, only to take them away, I ask?
There's always a good reason, behind everything that happens,
but I'm exhausted searching for the reasons, my mind's lost its haven.

How much do I have to fathom and still hold on?
How detached do I still have to stay, isn't there an explanation, here somewhere?
When will the inimical end draw near, I ask?
What is this life left to be? Just as contradicting as the shroud of Turin's mask.