Sunday, October 16, 2011

Live from London - Blogadda Book review

What a book?! And quite literally. No, not in a good way though. I’m trying to think of a few good points about the book just so that I can start this review on a ‘good’ note as they say; but to my disappointment that’s hard to do with this book. Of all the people, I know how much of ‘yourself’ goes into writing or creating anything artistic for that matter, but you gotta do what you gotta do – in this case I have to be candid about my review. But, I’ll try to subdue my thoughts and try not to be harsh on Parinda Joshi’s creation called ‘Live from London’.

So this book is about a girl called Nishi who’s been living in London since a few years with her family. It’s her journey that goes through an embarrassment faced on Britain’s Got Talent; to an interesting job in a music company; to a plainly-boringly-defined ‘steamy’ affair with an NRI American Idol finalist (Nick); to a break-up with him (due to something that was ridiculously considered as a reason for break-up in the book!!!), losing a job, moving back to India, getting on with life; getting an opportunity to anchor a TV show and ending the so-called de-hydrated melodramatic book on a patch-up between the two love-birds. As lethargic as this sentence seems, so was the case with this book. 

Void of an interesting story or an emotional attachment, this book not only failed to deliver on levels more than one but, also chewed your brains off. It’s mentioned in the synopsis in the end that ‘the unthinkable happens and Nishi lands back in India’, and it would have really saved the miserably sinking boat had the ‘unthinkable’ actually have been that concrete of a reason.  But alas! Disappointment here too.
And as if the story wasn’t gripping enough already, you face boredom in the face of the characters of the book as well. With a lack of clearly un-defined character sketches, all that the characters did in the book was confuse you with their altercating behavior. Nishi does not seem to be the kind of girl she is being portrayed in the synopsis of the book, nor does she appear to be someone with whom you would want to relate to.

Coming to the language part of the book, it felt as if the book was a joke and how?! It felt like what I would like to call the ‘baby language’. You are familiar with the famous victory sentence by Caesar – ‘I came. I saw. I conquered’. The book was on similar lines, only that it felt like feeding the chronology to a toddler – ‘I came. I got ready for the battle. I saw here and there for enemies. I found a few enemies to slaughter. I lifted my sword. I sloshed someone’s throat. My army catered to the leftovers’. And sadly, Parinda’s language and story died their own deaths before she could take them to the ‘I conquered’ part in her book. Quite honestly, I’m amazed at the fact that ‘such’ an unappetizing book was published by such a revered and reputed publishing house in India.

And just to be a little good to Parinda (though I’m sure it wouldn’t matter to her lol), the last 30-40 pages of the 200 pages of utter boredom could be termed as a saving grace (only so much as to let the sinking boat called ‘Live from London’ crack up in a zillion pieces enabling all the pieces barring one to sink and that one piece that stays afloat is in the form of those last few pages).

What I’m amazed at is that Parinda’s credentials and interests do quite a bit of talking – but only at the back of the book in the ‘About the author’ section. Had she channelized those talents and interests in her writing as well, I’m sure she would’ve done better than giving a dismal performance.

I have read humongous paged-books, including Leo Tolstoy’s 800 pages Anna Karenina (that according to me was a disaster bigger than John Grisham’s A painted house), but I can affirmatively declare this that Parinda Joshi’s Live from London is fighting its way to reach the top spot as well. If you want to still go ahead and read this book, go ahead *grins* unless you are a sadist who derives pain by inflicting pain on ‘others’ and in this case, the ‘other’ being you :P. But yes, if you’re in the phase of V for Vengeance (and not Vendetta) and want to make someone else pay lol, you can surely give him/her/it this book :p.

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  1. Hahaha I wasn't too sure I'd read this post. But I read it. Very frank review- the way it should be.

    Good luck, Parinda :D

  2. I just stumbled upon this and I feel terrible that it was such a waste of your time. That wasn't the intent of this book at all. I'd love to send you a book of your choice, if you will accept it, to make up for this experience.

    Send me an email please through my web form (website on the back of the book) with a title you'd like to read and I'll get cracking on it :)