Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An idle mind is an empty one...

There's a stillness in the bright black night,
The stars are falling down with nowhere to hide,
Sharp gazes pierce the tender body of clouds,
The planets are colliding coz it's about time.

Tiny footsteps, loud whispers, still revolutions,
All have a tale. The untold tale,
That's buried with the grave,
For the story is old now, the listeners have disappeared.

The mermaid in the murky waters,
Is blackened with ugliness,
Her beauty is no longers hers,
Her tail's been damaged.

There's a tale in every entity,
There's a metaphor in whatever the eye sees,
But the meaning has changed,
And all the shine is put to shame,
Like a rotten corpse with its estranged fate,
Like a dolphin's song with a damaged chord,
Like a star without its glow to claim,
Like the words of a poet with no words in his brain.

The colours are bright, the colours are youthful,
But blue isn't blue, yellow isn't yellow,
Ambrosia is stale and so is elixir,
But the earth's spinning just fine,
So i guess it's a long walk till the sun shines,
But time's a waste now, and so is the beating,
The water's still, with a whirlpool beneath it breathing,
And it's weird how a body encapsulates a soul,
When in reality, it's a soul encapsulating the body,
And the delicate part of it all, is the separation of the soul from the body, or the body from the soul,
Leads to just one end, and one solution only,
A fish dies if out of water, a bird dies if submerged in water,
Water is not for us, land is not for them,
Who do we belong to then?