Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free as a bird with a broken wing...

Angels gossiping, lifeline vanishing,
Over the hill, a light source is dimming,
The water is still, the water is cold,
The purity is gone, with only sins to be sold.

A caricature or a scarecrow is this life,
Everything's artificial, it's hollow from inside,
Maybe even those that are no longer alive,
Can touch things better with the power of their mind.

Light as a feather, the bird now feels,
No ties with anyone, that's how it's life's been reeled,
It might drift into the thin air, without realising when or why,
And even if it did, it's indifferent to the life passing by.

The bird's too high in the sky, the air's choking it now,
The ambience made it's heart cold without even informing it how,
It's wings are freezing, the strength in them is failing,
It's only a matter of time, before it falls down with a 'dead' heart beating.

And the blue colour is fading into a vast ocean of nothingness,
And the last breath of the featherball, is screaming in pale strangeness,
And the pit it fell into, appears to have been tailor-made for the bird,
Going into silence and the world would not care for the unknown, the unheard.

And lying there in a grave of mud,
The bird will be covered by rain, moss and buds,
And just like that, some new life will be born over the so-called brave,
And everyone will forget, that the bed of flowers was once a fragile bird's grave...


  1. You better not kill yourself and take life as it comes enjoying every moment, I am sure some amazing moments await ahead:-)

  2. When a stranger compliments my shoes.

  3. @ sufu - hehe m a bird o wt?
    @ anonymous - ???