Monday, December 2, 2013

An attempt to attempt something that cannot be attempted...

At the crossroads filled with choices,
No single decision feels meaningful,
Surrounded with chaos and silence,
A deafening madness fills the head.

If only closing the eyes could solve a puzzle,
Closing the ears could make life easier, simpler,
But nothing is effective, it's all just a haze,
With no alternate solution, here i find myself writing to survive.

I await the day when transformations can be made,
I'd transform my soul into a bird, and fly away to a world unknown,
No strings, no familiarity, no emotions,
A world as strange to me as I am to myself...

Water, grass, sky, colours... I see all,
Beauty, depth, emotions, i have trouble feeling at all,
If only the time, the world could stop all at once,
This hustle bustle and hullaballoo is maddening.

And every day is the same as it was, machinery is what this life has become,
Mornings start with the same emotion, nights end on the same note,
Days are stuck in a loop, with no wagon to push it forward,
Do we ever halt and see what this life, this world's come to?

And its amusing, that the soul that can learn to love,
Can learn to freeze itself, can learn to coagulate,
From a beautiful, warm sunrise, it abruptly turns to a cold, black night,
From a bouquet of vivid, colourful scented flowers, to a barren land...

And now the sleep fills my eyes, but the writing hasn't helped my mind,
Exhaustion fills the body, but distress alarm sounds aloud,
With nothing more left to write, I, with bored mind,
End this post abruptly like always, and bid gudbye.

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