Monday, January 27, 2014

Sometimes you just know...

Intuitions... inklings... not everyone's gifted with these precious elements of the mind. But those who are awarded with this, treat this 6th sense as an extension of their soul. It's amazing how we can sense trouble, how that nagging voice in our head, a diabolical permanent resident, forewarns us of the imminent threats, the escape routes to those threats, the right and wrong versions of everything... And sometimes, sometimes you just know things. Not like a psychic, but that same voice tells you things that you believe, only to find out a while later that all that the voice foretold came true.

When you wonder about a thing working too well since a long time, or a friend out of sight for too long, or how you wanted to see a movie for so long but the cable service operators just won't air it... Be calm. Coz you are about to witness it all in the coming days. That's intuition. That's the spidey sense. That's one of the most important senses that tells you that things are going to happen even before they happen. You can be prepared for what's to come or you can shove the nasty feeling aside. But the truth does not change. Closing your eyes to the world around you isn't going to stop things from happening, people from leaving, success from reaching the top, the Earth from revolving. You might hate what you know is going to happen if you don't like what's going to happen. You might cast yourself in an invisible cocoon, your go-to place... But you can't run away. Coz no matter where you go, your thoughts will always stay with you. You can shun what's outside of you, but youc an't shun what's inside you head, your heart, your body, your soul. 

For once, you might want to stop running from it and face it. Let things work out on their own. Don't try to alter the course. As Master Oogway says in Kung Fu Panda, 'one often meets his destiny on the road it chooses to avoid it'. Yeah just another movie dialogue, you might say, but focus on the truth of the words; on the sense that they are trying to convey. There are a zillion things around us that are made for entertainment purposes. But the one thing common in everything is Words. And at times, our intuition translates these words into emotions and warnings, and other times it's the other way around!

But, intuition should not be confused with wishful intuition, just like wishful thinking. Sometimes we want to believe what our eyes perceive, without acknowledging what your heart believes. Two plus two doesn't always make four. What you might think your voice is trying to tell you is nothing but what you want to believe in, that doesn't mean that it's an intuition, that doesn't mean what you are thinking is the truth, that doesn't mean what your voice is saying will happen in the future. Differentiate between your intuition and wishful intuition.

Disrespecting the gift is easy, embracing it is the challenge... Sometimes you just know...