Monday, February 17, 2014

A nagging thought...

The air is pure,
The sun is gone,
The sky is invisible,
The moon is out,
And so are the clouds,
And so are stars,
And so is the wind,
And so are the people,
And so is the life,
And so is the joy,
And so is the music,
And so are the words,
And the happy faces of yesterday,
And the happy faces of today,
And the happy faces of tomorrow,
And the carefree world,
And the silence of happiness,
And the happiness of silence,
And the flowers bloom,
And the fragrance spreads,
And the beauty increases,
But in this heart... the sadness never decreases...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Tricks that mind can play...

A day most unusual, it has been,
Breezy, windy, pleasant, it may seem,
A respite from an average weather, one would mention,
Then why does it feel eerie, cold and beyond comprehension?

Goosepimples are a prominent phenomenon,
The wind chimes sing, only to make it more troublesome,
I feel like I'm not alone, there's something I'm missing,
The cat meows, the wind whistles, the silence is killing.

The waves of wind touch me, i feel spooky weird,
A mix of overwhelm and scare is what I fear,
Someone's looking, but that can't be real,
It's all in my head, I need to disappear.

I only sense something, but I don't know what,
It's the mind playing tricks, or is this an intuition of sorts?
If I wasn't going away, for a few days, perhaps,
Maybe this unrest of my mind would've collapsed.

I looked out of the window, into the black night sky,
I stared at the huge trees, the distant stars and the nothingness so high,
And then I shuddered, for I could'nt find rest,
I waited for a while, but I left for my best.

And now I hear more sounds so clear,
The horse's hooves, the train's sirens near,
And there's another sound that's prominent, but it's not that,
But it resembles the sound of waves, rising and breaking slightly bad.

And I hope this so-called intuition, is just the head's trick,
And everything stays the same, when I come back, quick,
For every day now, the mind will race in worry,
Coz of the thought planted by the intuition, or the trick, or the illusional slurry!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Ethereal Essence...

A tale of strength, a tale of will,
A tale that decides the future of a devil,
Walking on a laborious, gruesome path,
Walking ever since he could remember the 'heart'...

In a constant setting of darkness and chills,
The hostile environment has come to a standstill,
Where neither the seasons change nor does the sun rise,
Where the eyes often lie... and the heart fails to surmise.

A dark fedora adorning an unkempt head,
A trench coat for namesake... for what it protects inside is dead,
The hands are charred, the lines can't be discerned,
When they touch the brittle face... the burning is least of his concerns.

He looks around for traces of life, scared of the past,
Scared to find the succubi, that turned him so dark so fast,
For they are all hunting him, for what he possessed,
A machine, invaluable, a breathing heart so red...

Powers and potions and spells were amassed,
Spiles and cauldrons and goblets all charmed,
An army of wile creatures, with enchanted effeminacy,
All in the quest of finding the throbbing organ that swore to secrecy.

Bruised, shattered, throttled, ripped, torn... inch by inch,
His soul had lost the strength, fighting the demons that wouldn't flinch,
Running from the familiar land that once was his home,
Running to a place forward, a brutal black hole.

With the last piece of his might, he reached the pious grounds,
Which the witches and the succubi and the necromancers couldn't shroud,
His hands were disintegrating, in the pale moonlight,
He had to touch the ground now with a forceful might.

The blood that ran through his veins, was drying up fast,
It wouldn't be long before his ashes would finally meet his past,
But the creatures of his life, could not fail this time,
They wanted his heart, and this time he shall oblige.

The sanctity of the land had to be finally destroyed,
No matter the collateral damage, the destruction was deployed,
So the cruel villains began their magical rampage,
Attacks, spells, potions and weapons were powered with rage.

He knew the inevitable was just a few moments away,
He knew he was all alone and at the doom's gate he sways,
Little did the creatures know, what they seek is no longer alive,
A dead machine is all he has, with just a few seconds of heartbeat to survive.

So everyone continued their madness and their suicide missions,
Both sides knew who would win, who would give into submission,
His flesh was charring, black mass with luminescent ambers were flying,
It was now or never, he had to be with 'her', he couldn't stop trying.

Ashes falling off his body, onto the mystical, cold 'blue' heart,
The struggle to unite the red heart with hers, now needed more than a mere start,
But unable to move, combusting rapidly as he was,
He surrendered himself to the pit, where the beating was as blue as her heart was.

Weakness was staring everyone in the scarred face,
A fear of sorts, had slowed down their persistent pace,
But the desolated mass showed signs of destruction,
The land was being swallowed, as if a result of forceful suction.

But it wasn't until the moment, when everything came to a stop,
When everyone witnessed the unthinkable, when the efforts went flop,
The wind grew cold, the freezing point was near,
But nothing felt more cold, than the newly acquired fear.

The pit was filled with ashes, a dull smog erupted,
An electrical beam shot up, blue and red corrupted,
His heart was untouched, his heart was strong,
And when it met its beau, the unison shocked the throng.

The beating organs blended, one into the other,
An unstoppable process commenced, now without the smother,
The hearts were now one, the heart was now sparkling black,
It raised from the pit, and throbbed with a smack.

The moonlight turned iridescent, the darkness gradually vanished,
The lightning struck upwards, from the heart that was since long famished,
And it encased itself, in a bright force field, a bubble of love,
And it engulfed the land included, and raised in the air enough.

The lightning marked thunder, the thunder brought rain,
And it filled the circle, just enough to not drain,
And then the wiles gasped, for there was the miracle,
The precious heart set itself on fire, and provided a spectacle.

The heart now sucked in, all the four elements,
Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the natural foundational cement,
And everything in the circle, was sucked into the heart,
Until there was nothing left, only a silhouette for the end to start.

And then the black miracle, burst massively with an impact,
Emanating all the pain, all the elements, all the wonders sealed with a pact,
The bright light blinded the creatures, the deafening sound rendered them deaf and dumb,
The shock from it dismembered them, and their end... it was prophesied to come.

All that was lost from the black heart, now turned into dust of seductive gold,
And from the sky it fell, making passionate love to the land of the cold,
The fragrant water slowly kissed the land filled with gold, an elixir for life,
The ever-hidden sun, rose to cover the lovers in the warm blanket of its light.

And the pious land resurrected again from the paramours' ashes,
In a new avatar now, one with breath-taking beauty and unimaginable flashes,
There grew tender saplings, fresh and soothing to the eyes,
Rows of colourful flowers; blue, gold, orange, purple, red, black and turquoise.

For fate had the entities separated, their mortal self indeed,
But once what is touched, forever remains with each,
And the creatures of the dark, can try all their insidious tricks forever,
But it's the essence called 'love', that none can erase from each other...

Image courtesy: deviantart