Friday, February 14, 2014

Tricks that mind can play...

A day most unusual, it has been,
Breezy, windy, pleasant, it may seem,
A respite from an average weather, one would mention,
Then why does it feel eerie, cold and beyond comprehension?

Goosepimples are a prominent phenomenon,
The wind chimes sing, only to make it more troublesome,
I feel like I'm not alone, there's something I'm missing,
The cat meows, the wind whistles, the silence is killing.

The waves of wind touch me, i feel spooky weird,
A mix of overwhelm and scare is what I fear,
Someone's looking, but that can't be real,
It's all in my head, I need to disappear.

I only sense something, but I don't know what,
It's the mind playing tricks, or is this an intuition of sorts?
If I wasn't going away, for a few days, perhaps,
Maybe this unrest of my mind would've collapsed.

I looked out of the window, into the black night sky,
I stared at the huge trees, the distant stars and the nothingness so high,
And then I shuddered, for I could'nt find rest,
I waited for a while, but I left for my best.

And now I hear more sounds so clear,
The horse's hooves, the train's sirens near,
And there's another sound that's prominent, but it's not that,
But it resembles the sound of waves, rising and breaking slightly bad.

And I hope this so-called intuition, is just the head's trick,
And everything stays the same, when I come back, quick,
For every day now, the mind will race in worry,
Coz of the thought planted by the intuition, or the trick, or the illusional slurry!!!

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