Monday, March 31, 2014

Somewhere in between... What is real and just a dream?

These drops of water, are not for me,
Neither is the cool shade of the lushful trees,
Nor the solitary bench for me to sit,
The sun's warmth in chilly cold,
The food when starving,
The music when dancing,
The shoes when walking,
The thirst from exhausting,
The light, the darkness, the fresh air, the blessing... Nothing belongs to me,
I don't belong to none,
Can't walk, can't stop,
Can't talk, can't see,
Can't hear, can't breathe,
Can't run, can't bleed.

The magic has left the wand,
The sky is void of life,
The ground below shakes,
The water is hostile.

Somewhere in between, is where this life is,
No road ahead, no turning back,
Like the sun it stands, no revolutions, nowhere to go,
No day is day, no day is night,
Every day is the same, every night is day.

What is the meaning of such life?
The answer runs away...
The soul keeps searching, and searching always,
One day it shall have its answers,
One day it will have what it needs,
One day the clock will start ticking,
For better or for worse, it will change,
It won't be a sun any more, it will be a star,
Revolving around the sun, it's life will be different,
Whose life will it transform? I do not know...
What does the future hold? I do not know...
I do not know and I've not been told,
What I've not been told, I do not know,
I do not know...
I do not know.....

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