Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To be or not to be...

There is an easy path to happiness, yes it exists,
A path with no thorns, no hurdles, ever so soft,
There are flowers that never wilt, that never lose their scent,
A world with the weather so pleasant, so pleasant as a blanket of cloud,
Where the air is so pure, and fresh and alive,
There is a beauty so refreshing that never ages,
Where the sound of water is perennial, ceasing to mute,
Where the traveller is on a constant path of exploration,
Where the smiles never fade, nor on trees, or birds, or grass,
There exists a utopia, a utopia there exists,
Where the freckles and frowns have never bloomed,
A body with no heartbreaks, no sorrows, no tears,
A face with sparkling eyes and smiles of joy,
There exists souls, with rainbow aura,
Music that continues to touch the invisible, and continues to grow,
There are the mountains, that always stand strong,
There are the valleys, the valleys of abundant bliss,
There exists a state where you never get tired, no matter how much you walk,
Or run, or chase, or glide, or dance, or sway, or tip-toe,
Where the words weave magic that only impart joy,
There exists a rainbow that never disappears, never disappears,
With rains so romantic that the heavens shy away,
And snow so pure, so protective and exciting,
There exists a warmth that never fades away, it never fades away,
An embrace that stays with you always, and forever,
A place where you don't age, or lose your charm,
Where cages are unheard of, only open spaces galore,
Where beating hearts unite, and ties are tied,
There exists euphoria, that never goes out of fashion,
Where the sea shells play the ocean's sound in a loop so enchanting,
Where the cold sand beneath you is always mesmerising,
As is the moonlight along the promenade, or the beach,
Or the sunset to put you to sleep, or the sunrise for the early birds...

There exist these nuances of life... yes they do exist...
But only in our dreams... they never meet the reality...
Just like the sky can never meet the water, the horizon is an illusion,
Just like the mirage that appears in a desert, teasing the thirsty traveller,
Just like hallucinations conjure up our lost wishes,
Just like the uncertain, unproven truth in myths,
Just like an atheist's 'faith' in Him...
Just like things that never exist... can these not exist too?