Monday, April 20, 2015

The Empty Wanderer...

Is it possible to have a soul with a void?
And yet feel a sense of peace?
The void is not damaging, the void doesn't even feel like a void,
but you know it's there, but you know it has always been there,
maybe ever since you were a child,
and now you just live with it, with acceptance,
and now it feels more positive, than anything else,
it's chaos around, it's chaos in the mind,
but the void is peaceful, the peace is finally here.
you don't see your reflection in the mirror,
you don't see yourself,
yet you know you are there, where you always belonged.

Sometimes it just takes a song,
sometimes it takes that one person,
sometimes it takes an epiphany,
sometimes a mindless reverie,
to lift your spirits and rise above the land,
to lift the shadow off your heart and soar without looking back,
to a place of utopia, a haven for your charm,
to a place you call your own, a place that becomes your home,
And if the invisible void can achieve this,
you wish you had more of it,
to make you stay in the paradise,
to make you believe again...

Written for Magpie 266.


  1. Philosophically so interesting - good sung, better in French original must say, but not a critism!

    1. Thnx for stopping by :).
      Did not get the French context though.

  2. I think your void is the still point, the centre of everything, always a good place to be in... :-)

  3. Interesting write. It reminds me of an old set of writings by Miamoto Musashi, a samurai who retreated into a cave to write "The Book of Five Rings" One of the five rings is "The Book of the Void" where, in an indirect way, he talks about looking inward and finding the void. It's not evil or good, it's just there. Good write.

    1. Thanx for appreciating :).
      And also for telling me about the books.

  4. Neither here nor there , neither this nor that , it listeth where it bloweth ....