Saturday, May 23, 2015

Her own realm of miracles...

"It's so beautiful..."

Standing with mesmerising eyes, in winter overalls and muffler, she looked up at the deep, black night sky. She could not believe her eyes.

A vast cluster of bright, orangy-reddish stars. All expanded only in a specific area. All tightly placed. They were constellations. All the constellations she ever knew about. Orion... The Big Dipper... Ursa Minor... Maybe even Cassiopeia? So many constellations... It was peculiar that a perfect silhouette of a horse formed by stars shone at the bottom right corner of the vast starry cluster. It was... uncanny.

Why were the stars that colour? How could that even be possible? They were so many of them. And yet, when she looked across at eye level, she could see the charcoal black glittering in the vast expanse of sea; adorned by the huge, lighted skyscrapers along the edge. The city appeared at quite a distance across the sea. But she could see that she wasn't in a surreal place. The civilisation across the water was proof enough of that. The buildings appeared as magical, with all the lights and neons and colours as the ones she had seen in Hong Kong. She had a smile on her face. A smile of disbelief that a magical phenomenon appeared right above her head and no one else could see it. A smile of belief that magic is all around her. A smile of exultation that beauty still exists.

She looked around her to check if she was the only one who could see the beautiful clusters of constellations and stars in that unbelievable colour. Was she on a boat? A cruise? She could feel the surroundings that of a deck, with some storage space next to her. She looked up above again. A site like that - you just cannot take your eyes off of. There was a sparkle in her eyes. As if she was hypnotised by that miracle in the dark sky. By that cosmic miracle that she had never heard or read about before. The constellations were so closely packed with random stars in that cluster. But yet, she could make out so many of them. The 'horse constellation' did feel like a conundrum to her. But she just took it as a sign of uniqueness. She did not want to take her eyes off of the gorgeous sky. It felt like home to her.

But she did turn around to tell him, his whitish-fair skin breaking the monotony of the dark, as he stood there in his jacket and muffler, approaching for her warm embrace. She told him with that child-like excitement that jumps around when an unbelievable miracle appears. She told him what she saw, unable to believe the words coming out of her mouth. She told him what she saw in that beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous smile that he first lost his heart to. She told him in intricate detail... and he stood there, mesmerised by her enchanting voice, always listening like a little boy.